thyroglobulin antibody count

thyroglobulin antibody count

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's. My thyroglobulin antibodies were put me on real thyroid 30 mg/ the test, and came back 1048...........I have been quite ill for months.........nauseated every day/all day.........he ordered an ultra sound........I called the office to inquire about the ultra sound and 1048 antibody count, and his office help told me that there was a nodule on the ultra sound, but don't worry about it........and that 1048 is fine, some people are 8000...........does any of this make sense!!!???

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The fact that your antibodies are rising means you are under an active attack. These are high antibodies 1048 is not fine, yes can be a lot higher but 1048 is far too high.

30mg is a starting dose you need to raise every few weeks until you feel well, starting immediately I'd say.

Best advice I can give you is to be gluten, Casein (cows milk) and soy free.

Gluten and Casein look like the thyroid to the body so when you eat them and they get into your bloodstream via intestinal impermeability (leaky gut) your body sees a foreign body and sends the T cells to attack but because the thyroid looks the same it also gets attacked. Molecular mimmickry. 90% of people with Hashimotos have leaky gut.

Research leaky gut.

Chris Kresser website is good for this.

Dr Datis Khazzarian has brilliant books about Hashimotos and a website.

Izabella Wentz (she's a pharmacist.) website. Her book the Hashimotos Protocol is new out andis good.

The auto immune recovery plan by Susan Blum md is really good too.

You need to get proper thyroid testing if you've not already had. T4, T3, FT3, RT3 if possible

Also Folate, Ferritin. B12 and vitamin D as some if not all are likely to be low.

In a past post I've listed all the things that have helped me, may be worth a look. X

Kate, I'd send you a dozen roses if I could ............ I can see you know your stuff inside/out. This was very valuable. I saw my bioHRT doctor yesterday, and he doubled my dose of real thyroid to 60 mg in a.m. and 60 mg 8 hours later. He is pounding the "no gluten" into me.

I will look into all the resources you have suggested.

Thank you, very much!


Awww thanks for such a lovely message.

I've read so much for a couple of years and it was a bit trial and error to start but needs must when you are so ill and there's no help from the GP's.

I'm still learning too! This site was invaluable for me when I first started the quest for knowledge.

Really glad you are getting help, you should start to feel better very soon. X

I also have Hashimoto and my antibody count is 1051 and I take levo 50 and having another blood test next week. I have asked multiple doctors about gluten free etc even one doctor who also has Hashis and they all say if you do not have a gluten allergy going gluten free will not have any effect on my condition. Although I know many people on here claim it has had a positive effect. I agree that vitamin supplements are important and generally living a good lifestyle you can manage this condition. I work full time and have a 3 year old to run around after. Keep positive this condition does not have to ruin your life..

You can't know for definite unless you try.

Everyone is different there isn't one glove fits all with any condition. Yes I agree with attitude of give it a go but have seen many times on this site people saying its essential to be gluten free. I'm living proof its not I eat products all day with gluten in and have a generally healthy diet and manage fine..

'Manage' fine - I want to do more than manage, so I try everything (after researching as thoroughly as possible) that I see recommended for my disorders.

How do you know that you wont feel great! if you go gluten free?!

Fair point but I don't want to go gluten free, dairy free etc. I work with a colleague who has a similar diet and finds it so restrictive. I'm a very busy Mom and don't have time to cook separate meals from my family and neither do I want to impose a diet change to them. However id never say never to trying anything if my condition was problematic to my life and prevents me from working etc..

Not everyone has allergies to gluten

Thank you!

Completely your choice! 90% plus of people with Hashimotos need to be gluten free so hopefully you're one of the lucky ones ๐Ÿ˜€ Id just say your antibodies are very high and show an active attack to be that high.

GPs study the thyroid for two weeks at med school, my best friend is a GP and fully admits that unless they take it upon themselves to research then they know much less than a lot of people on here...

50mg is a very low dose of Levo, your TSH should be under 2, ideally under 1. Make sure you get a copy of your bloods from your GP. Most likely what he's telling you is normal is not I'm afraid.

Vitamin supplements are absolutely imperative if you have any insufficiencies.

I found gluten free difficult to start but once I found the alternatives it's no problem. My husband is a real foodie and I now pretty much cook the same meals I always have done and he has no idea he's gluten/casein free too ๐Ÿ˜‚

When antibodies are high a dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free diet is important to get the antibodies down. The antibodies are attacking the thyroid tissue and other tissue in the body. The diet changed usually get the antibodies down fairly quickly.

If this is scientifically proven why does every doctor say this is unnecessary. What have they got to gain by withholding advice that could make people feel well. I spoke with a doctor who has Hashis himself and even he said unless you have an intolerance eliminating dairy, gluten etc will make no difference..

It certainly made a difference to me. Functional doctors treat conditions totally in different ways. I've overcome hashimotos and hypothyroidism with no medications. My numbers are back to normal. Normal medical doctors treat the thyroid with medications only and they treat the symptoms but don't actually fix the problem. Functional doctors fix the underlying reason for why the thyroid is down sometimes with medications as part of it and sometimes without depending on how unwell the patient is. I was a patient in bed most of the time. Of course if hashimotos has damaged the thyroid too much, there's not much that can be done about that. In my case it wasn't damaged yet so I recovered from that completely.

Hi satu55555,

If you could, I would love to read on different non-medicinal practices you followed to get your thyroid back to healthy.


Thyroid needs to be seen as just one part of the problem. I've fixed my digestive tract (I had SIBO, dysbiosis, leaky gut). I'm avoiding all my nutritional sensitivities that SIBO caused. Usually that means about a year. I'm on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet and my allergen-free. We have supported my adrenals, which were having a tough time and now my previously low cortisol is normal (530 serum cortisol in the morning). I'm still working on improving my digestion and gut health. This part takes a long time 1-2 years. Lots of rest, good nutrition with lots of nutrients (I have a functional nutritional therapist), no junk food (meaning sugar, dairy, processed meat, no grains other than gluten-free, no oats, not even gluten-free. I've fixed all nutritional deficiencies. I have lots of supplements, which have been adjusted to each situation as the health has improved. By supporting all of these the thyroid has improved. Most of the time thyroid issues are secondary and can be improved by fixing other things that have caused it. So my thyroid improved with that. No hormonal medications, only testing it for a few days. The only medication was Rifaximin antibiotics for the gut. I'm now able to do things much better as I was in bed/sofa most of the time. I still have a bit to recover as my gut was super bad. So my recommendation is to work with a functional/integral doctor (and make sure they do have a doctor's degree as well as the functional degree and a functional nutritionist, a good one. The treatment needs to be made suit each person.

This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing. I will try to find good functional doctor who gives importance to these aspects more than medications. Good health to you!

I have taken thytrophen pm from Standard Process for years. My antibodies are high, but my tsh, t free 3, t free 4 is normal. The thytrophen fools the antibodies into attacking it instead of the thyroid. I feel that after all these years, taking thytrophen is the reason everything else is still good. You can get it from chiropractors or online..Amazon even carries i t.

This was exactly what my bioHRT doctor said yesterday. He has a few other foods on the list, also. It's worth a try for me. I live by myself so it is easy to do what I one else to cook for, etc.

Thank you!

What were your anti-thyroid peroxidase antibody levels? My anti-thyroglobulin levels are consistenty high - 500-600 and a definite positive but the TPO antibodies are low/negative hence my endo insists I don't have hashimotos. They only seem to want to diagnose on positive TPO

There is a dietary supplement that you can take which is supposed to help with leaky gut, I've yet to order it and try it for myself

When you say you are on 'real thyroid' do you mean natural desiccated thyroid (NDT). I know this works really well for some people but for me, it created a real thyroid anti-body storm....

Yes, NDT. I started feeling better right away, and we just doubled my dose. I am not surprised that you did not tolerate NDT. Individuals can react differently. What works for one, does not work for another. It's trial and error.

My antibodies, when tested last year were 550 , but at the time I know I was still hypo.

I couldn't care less what they are now because I feel good.

I am on 6 grains thyroid -s . Sleep soundly , walk around 7 -10 miles a day and go for the occasional run, have a decent pulse and blood pressure , temp of 37 in the afternoon and evening and no longer attack the food cupboard which has resulted in losing a stone so far, by just eating normal

I should mention that I had numerous blood test with confusing results along the way, sometimes telling me I was high when I still felt hypo. I ignored the the blood results and went by the old literature , where it was considered normal to start on 6 grains , and stopped multi dosing, taking all 6 in the morning .

I knew , and could see and feel the results were telling me I had hit the jackpot. So did a blood out of interest . TSH 0.01 T4 19 ( 12-22) T3 7.1 ( - 6.8 )

What I find remarkable , at 4.5 grains and multi dosing TSH 0.005 T4 22 (12-22) T3 7.8 (-6.8) and felt hypo.

My theory , and from reading the literature , being hypo, in my case , had lowered blood volume and gave a false high reading which when ignored, and the dose increased , increased the blood volume and lowered the levels when tested again.

I also wonder if the full 24 hours after meds , because of the single dose , lowered the results

Can we really trust blood results if we still feel unwell ?

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