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I have problems regulating my body temperature, especially at night. No matter what the ambient temperature is my body and head feel excessively hot although my feet are cold. Even in the winter I have the bedroom windows open, heating off and lay on top of the bed. My skin feels cold to touch, my feet and lower legs get cramp and my toes become rigid even when wearing bedsocks . I'm not menopausal. I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroid and on Levothyroxine but this all started over 2 years ago. My gp said the overheating doesn't fit in and should be feeling cold all over. Any ideas please?

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  • Hi

    I had same simptomps felt like my body was a heater and feel cold sometimes still have the cramp on right foot sometimes arm but your body temperature should get balance when start taking Levo

  • That's the trouble with doctors, they're all black or white, no grey areas. There's no 'should' about it, you feel what you feel. But lose of temperature control is a hypo symptoms, whether you feel all hot or all cold or half and half. It's the failing thyroid that's to blame.

    And you didn't become hypo the day you were diagnosed, your gland started to fail a long time before you even noticed, so the fact that it started two years before you were diagnosed, doesn't mean it isn't hypo.

    For the cramp, try taking some magnesium. You're bound to be deficient. In fact, you're bound to have a lot of nutritional deficiencies, so ask your doctor to test vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. And ignore any of his comments that start with 'you should...'!

  • Thanks Greygoose, my vitD was off the bottom of the scale last year and I'm still taking 1600mg a day now. I've got myasthenia gravis as well so have to be careful with magnesium and a few other things, even indigestion meds. I've been looking at b12 as that could answer a lot of the anomalies in my various symptoms and will ask for it to be added to my blood test form next week. Thank you for your help.

  • 1000 is optimal for B12, but it's rare to find a range that goes up to 1000, so ignore the range. And remember, that if you are supplementing B12 - methylcobalamin - you also need to take a B complex to balance the Bs. :)

  • I feel like a radiator, but my temperature is normal. It's not like a hot flush, it's different. I've recently started NDT so perhaps it's connected. It's horrible and when I'm trying to do housework it's quite debilitating, I have to stop and go outside or sit down. I sometimes get a film of sweat. Not pouring off, just a layer on my face.

  • I'm not as bad as you sound, but I'm always hot at night - I sometimes wake up and the sweat has pooled on my chest bone and my T-shirt and pillow are damp, even during a cold winter - the bedroom window only closes when it's wet and windy (which it often is here on the coast). I also sweat more than most when I'm out running.

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