Temperature control and hypothyroidism

Hi all! I am back on 2 grains of Thiroyd after going to 3 grains too quickly and things have settled down nicely!

I am the kind of person who has rarely ever felt the cold all my life. I really suffer in the heat. It's nearly December and people are layered up in coats, hats and scarves - and I'm reluctantly adding a light cardigan when I go outdoors.

I am wondering if being on Thiroyd will eventually help my body temperature become more natural/regulated? Or is there anything else I could do?

Anybody else hate being too hot?


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  • I'm EXACTLY the same. Until a couple if years ago I would be in flip flops even in the snow! I hate coats because they make me too hot and I carry a battery operated fan everywhere I go! I'm told my thyroid is optimal so don't think it has anything to do with that.

    Just be glad your heating bills will never be too expensive!

  • Well I think it goes like this:

    Dose too low, your basal body temp will be low.

    Dose too high, your basal body temp will be high.

    Now I am not sure how that relates to your experience of the outside temp via your skin, presumably all the lows go together, and all the highs go together. Meaning if your dose is too low your basal will be low (that's a fact), your "insides" will be low, and your metabolism will be low, so you will therefore be sluggish and you will feel the cold.

    The opposites will be true if your dose is too high and you are hyper.

    Except you are saying that you dropped your dose and now you feel hot! I guess you just have to wait a couple of weeks to get a stable state.

  • No, sorry, it's not that simple. The thyroid is your thermostat. If your gland is broken your thermostat is broken. It can go to high or too low independant of how much thyroid hormone you are taking.

    I've been hypo most of my life - undiagnosed, untreated - and I always suffered from the heat. Until I over-dosed on T3, and now I suffer from the cold. Not drastically, and I still Don't like the heat, but I'm colder than I've ever been in my life.

  • I agree, greygoose. My husband has been commenting for years that I didn't have a thermostat like everyone else. It now seems to be fixed on replacement hormone, so it was just broken not missing!

    Think the over-heating was made worse or even caused by my inability to sweat in hot weather.

  • Well, perhaps it dépends on how long it's been broken, because mine has never recovered and I've been on replacement hormone for 15 years - half of that time self-treating.

  • I think I was broken for about 10 years

  • Ah, well, mine was more like 50 years. :)

  • Funny, I sweat like a pig! I have to carry a Yoel wherever I go. In Yogs and Pilates, I have 2 towels, nobody sweats like me, I leave like I've been in the shower! Then I get cold. Yes, my thermostat is very broken with Hadhimotos.. I wear a necklace on my neck, I can ttell if I'm hyo or hyper by the way my necklace is loose or tight.

  • So are you saying if my metabolism is high my body temperature will be high as well. God, I hope that's not the case. I can't imagine having less tolerance to the heat!!

  • Michelle,

    Thyroid hormones (when you have enough) increase heat production by the stimulation of numerous metabolic pathways involved in the delivery of energy to tissues.

    Iodothyronine deiodinases are important in the (de)activation of thyroid hormones and deiodinase activity used for T4-T3 conversion plays a big part by influencing how much blood vessels dilate (so allowing heat to escape or not! )

    T3 and T4 increase the basal metabolic rate of almost all the cells in the body. In the presence of HIGH levels of iodothyronines, there is a slight INCREASE in body temperature and a decrease in heat tolerance.

    In the presence of LOW levels of iodothyronines there is a DECREASE in basal metabolic rate and a decreased tolerance to the cold.

    Being too hot can be a sign of over thyroid hormone medication but I would assume also to do with so many other factors such as other hormones (menopause? ), inflammation (high antibody count? ), allergies ( histamine intolerance? ), emotional stress, physical activity, diet, outside temperature, etc, .....

    I hope you have found your right thyroid hormone level now and any temp problems will level out.

    I was always so cold when medicating on T4 but now have added T3 am so much warmer. ... ( & happier.) .😀 ..




    Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


  • That website makes for very interesting reading, Flower. So many forms of thyroiditis and it was interesting to see what happens to the vocal chords which can deepen the voice. Thank you.

  • Yes. My voice became husky before diagnosis but returned to normal after medicating on thyroxine.


  • I'm permently too hot, everyone else is freezing and I'm just about managing with a short sleeved top! I get facial sweats too! It's very embarrassing.

  • I'm always too hot as well and was wondering if my Armour is going to regulate my temperature. I'm currently on 2 1/2 grains and think my tolerance to heat is getting a bit better. I've always hated the summer months and find hot temps/humidity unbearable. Here's hoping we'll be more normal in the months to come.

  • Hi Michelle.. afraid I know exactly how you feel. It really gets me down. I'm on thyroxine which my GP has been messing with .. she always says my test results say

    I'm normal, but keeps changing the strength. If this is normal I want out!! When on 50mcg I'm freezing and sleeping all day and when I'm on 70mcg I'm burning up and I'm a chronic insomniac. I live on the west coast of Australia and, although it's supposed to be Spring we have already had temperatures over 100deg F. I want to move to Tasmania but will freeze to death there if I take the 50mcg and won't have the energy to leave my bed.. I put on 40 lbs in the matter of a few weeks on the lower dose.. was a very slim model once.. now wearing size 16-18!!!!! Very depressing!

    I have tried natural dessicated pig stuff and nearly all my hair fell out!

    Sorry I can't help you but it may make you feel better to know you are NOT alone.

    Our summer is about to start and I'm desperate!

    Good luck Michelle

  • Hi Michelle, I have the same problem with my body temperature most of the time I'm far to hot but occasionally I get so cold that no matter what I do I can't get a heat in me I'm frozen to the core rapped up in a blanket and the heating on high

  • If you have always been a warm person, even before your thyroid problem began, then I would say that's probably just you. One of my colleagues (male, age 21) wears just a tee shirt all the time, even when the temperature in the office was 10 deg C one morning. He just doesn't feel the cold at all, and there's nothing wrong with his thyroid as far as I know.

    However if the overheating began shortly before your thyroid issues or after starting treatment then you may have more chance of being able to do something about it by adjusting your medication slightly.

  • Hi Michelle, I have a hard time with temp control too. I can go from feeling far to hot to being chilled to the bone over 20 minutes. I will get into bed freezing cold but within minutes I will be throwing the covers off as I can't stand the heat. I feel that I need to wear light clothing even in winter but at various points during the day, I have to put on a dressing gown on top of clothes. I seen to be at my coldest mid afternoon and early evening I then have a bath and begin the overheating stuff. It really is bizarre. Dee

  • I always feel to hot but if I take my temperature by basel temperature is usually around 35.4. I still have to have a fan on a night and cant bear to wear a coat but as my temperature is low it must just be a perception of heat. I am actually cold.

  • I have the opposite problem and I'm usually cold. I've only felt warmer recently since I've been on a trial of adding some T3 to my Levo. Will see what effect it's had on my blood test when I see the endo later his week. Hope your temperature settles soon, I suppose you're hoping for snow? MariLiz x

  • Yes, I live in Florida, born here, and in the past 10 years, I have suffered greatly. I can be in the Gulf water and still be hot. I laugh and say my thermostat is broken! No relief yet? My doc is bumping my meds up very slowly.

  • I think B12 deficiency = poor temperature regulation.

  • I'm always too cold...no medication

  • I like the concept of my thermostat being broken, LOL! I have been too hot all of my life. I believe that it was a major factor in not getting a diagnosis for hypothyroidism until it was nearly too late for me - doctors always asked if I felt the cold easily but I simply didn't exhibit that symptom.

    I just wish this sense of overheating would stop! I'm tired of misting up the windows in cars, taxis and buses 😀 and sometimes I am so hot that when I go out in the cold, my upper body steams like my breath 😨!

    Levo didn't change things, so I was hoping that eventually, when my body is used to Thiroyd and my thyroid health has improved, I won't be slowly broiling anymore!

    Thank you for your replies - it is good to know I am not on my own! Michelle

  • I absolutely loathe being hot .. i live in WA, Australia and am so desperate i am going to sell up and move to Tasmania because it is soooo much cooler, in fact darn freezing compared to the west.

    I really would like to know if I would feel the cold on a lower dosage.. if anyone has the answer it would be very much appreciated.

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