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Cool body temperature?

I recently saw a programme involving an experiment where Chris Choi sits in a very cold room for several hours to find out what living in a cold home does to people. The experiment had to be stopped when his body temperature dropped to 35C, because that`s considered to be borderline hypothermia. My temperature is around that when I wake up in the morning despite being on 50mg Levothiroxine. Should I see my gp about my low temerature?

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Yeah, I wondered about that after seeing a programme which explained that hypothermia sets in when your temperature falls by 2 degrees. Somehow I don't think my GP would take any notice. Probably tell me to buy bedsocks (and not believe me when I said I'd been wearing them since August)

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Being cold is one of the most basic of hypo symptoms, and could indicate that you are, indeed, under-medicated. As Sandy says - don't take your meds before your next blood test. Does your temp stay low through the day? It would certainly be worth taking a note of your first thing in the morning temperature readings along to your doctor. Have they said anything about raising your dose gradually (so that you're on more than 50 mcg p.d.)?


I may have a low temperature in the mornings, but I seem to be sensitive to the heat. I get hot & sticky very quickly.


Next time you get hot and sticky, try taking your temperature. You might be surprised to discover it is still low. I know that how I feel and what my temperature is seem to bear very little relationship to each other.

My basal temperature last year, when I was very low in iron, was 35.6 and I felt the cold very badly. I have been on iron pills for 18 months now and I feel very much warmer than I did. And my basal temperature has risen to the giddy heights of 35.7.


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