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Does anyone have problems with body temperature regulation?

My body lately seems to have kind of lost it when it comes to regulating temperature. I used to just be freezing cold all the time, no matter what time of year I would always be cold. Lately I keep swinging from boiling hot to freezing cold for no apparent reason. It's almost like my body can't find the happy middle ground. Does this happen to anyone else?

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I'd always felt cold (even as a child & in sweltering temperatures) except during my menopause (early onset - probably also due to undiagnosed Hypo) when unlike some poor souls who really suffer, I almost welcomed the hot flushes that came as a side-order!

I've definitely noticed feeling generally warmer since diagnosis & beginning treatment, with the occasional fleeting cold moment being much more manageable by layering up, turning up the wood-burner or just having a hot drink. Feeling cold is now an indicator of thirst/ hunger for me - my body's way of telling me I need to have a drink or (if it's a mealtime) fuel up a bit!

It makes perfect sense to me that my metabolic rate is increased with taking Levo - so I wonder if your change in temperature regulation suggests you may need a retest of your levels?

Now into my third month on Levo I'm noticing I've a lot more energy in the mornings & during the day, the house is cleaner & tidier, the dogs are enjoying more lunchtime walks, I'm cooking (& baking) more - so everyone's a winner! Only down-side is that as I was peeling off various outer layers yesterday on my return from a bitterly cold windswept walk on the beach my husband commented that "I've never really thought of you as hot before" - so the romance has yet to be rekindled it seems! LOL

I'd say - check it out with your GP & in the meantime, take care of yourself - it is cold out there!



Hi there

Thanks for your reply. I'm not on meds as I haven'thad a proper diagnosis of any kind yet. Still trying to figure out what is going on with me. Getting very frustrated,almost feels that my body seems to be giving up on me. It's just always so unpleasant...all of a sudden I will just start sweating like mad for no reason, then eventually it will stop and I go back to freezing cold.

Adding it to the list of things to ask my GP :)

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Sounds as though you're doing the right thing - if you take a list of signs & symptoms to your GP it'll help them to make a differential diagnosis. I presented to my GP who cleverly picked up from my list of various issues it was worth testing my thyroid function (alongside other tests) & so when the results proved conclusive was able to offer me appropriate & beneficial treatment. Hope you get an appointment soon... :)


Thank you :) Have an appointment with a new doctor on Thursday. Just hoping this will be one of those rare doctors that listens to symptoms rather than just going by the blood results.



I know it has been a year but can you tell me what happened? I have sweat rolling off my face one minute and then cold the next. My actual temperature does not change though!!!


We've been married over forty years and during that time my husband has always said he got ' a defective model when he got me' because I have never been able to regulate my body temperature compared to others around me I was always either too hot or too cold. When I was teaching infants I actually had to be careful that they weren't becoming hypothermic when I was just comfortable. Eventually I was diagnosed with Graves and I feel that my dodgy thermostat was probably something to do with that.

I've stopped treatment at the moment but when I needed more levo I used to find I felt really cold - colder than I had ever felt and in summer too.


i find this problem worse than most of the others you get with being doc is great and has tried many things to try and help but nothing seems to work...checked for menopause but apparently no signs of that yet so cant seem to do anything about it. when i am out i get so hot i am bathed in sweat and feel like i will pass out ....really affects everything i do..or dont do lol xx

if you find an answer please let me know x


Hi dear :-)

I am hypo and had the same problem as you . Now I feel better than ever .

The anormal sweating is mainly a sign of vitamin d Deficiency . The doctor ask the mothers of if babies have exessive sweat mainly in the head , to detect the ricket ( vitamin d deficiency in children )

Kindly check you levels as soon as possible .

It changed my life .

If you are hypo because of iodine deficiency you have to take iodine I mean the mineral not the hormone , together with all the co factors supplement including vitamin d . Magnesium selenium vitamin c

Consider that a state of iodine deficiency affect a lot of other organs , especially the female reproductive one.

If you take only hormone it will please only the thyroid . What about the organs that require the iodine mineral , not the hormone given ?????!!??

If you have hashimoto hypo , than you have to add vitamin d for sure because it is essential for autoimmune deseas .

Dont hesitate to contact me dear ❤️Ela

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Have you got any previous blood results you can put up?

Might be worth keeping a record of your body temperature, as soon as you wake up, then in the afternoon and before you go to bed. My body temperature on average upon wakening has been 35.5oC, last week I was eventually put on a trial of thyroxine. I'm going to see what effect this has on my body temperature and how I feel? The theory being hypothyroid, low body temperature. Although my doctor had never even heard of this!!!

I feel as though my thermostat is completely messed up. I feel really lousy and sluggish in the mornings especially. Although my temperature is low I don't generally feel cold, for as long as I remember I've been heat intolerant, I don't even drink hot drinks. However when I move or become active I sometimes get really hot and sweat when I think I shouldn't be. Last week in bed I had really cold, clammy feet and couldn't sleep, however the rest of my body felt really warm. So I took my temperature at 3am and it was reading 36.5oC then when I woke up in the morning it had dropped to 35.7oC???

I hope all goes well for you on Thursday.

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I have kept charts of my temperatures in the past when I was ttc. I've always noticed that my temperature is always quite low especially in the first half of the cycle. Anything between 35.2 and 36.5 is normal for me

I get the clammy thing too. I will freezing all over but my feet will be clammy.

Good luck with your meds. Hope it does the trick for you.


Just to let u all know my buddys I actually ave got accepted for pip I cnt believe it went to my bank and ther it was loads mone I had to go hme and take couple diazipans to calm myself down even rang bank to chek who ad made the payment and yes it was dwp avnt ad a letter so woopii love always boohoo xxxx

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I have the same problem, I can be freezing cold, then I get a feeling in my head and I know the heat is coming, then I'm instantly unbearably hot! It drives me crazy. It's rare that I feel comfortable. Does anyone else get this feeling in their head? It's like something gently bursts and the heat is let out and then instantly covers my whole body


I have this problem too. I can't stand either heat or cold. When I'm resting/not moving I'm normally cold with freezing feet but moving around the slightest bit or doing chores around the house I get unbearably hot. It just goes from one extreme to the other....


Yes I've always seemed to stay at really hot temperature, what does this mean?


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