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Low body temperature


Since I got my blood tests with high TSH levels I’ve been tracking my basal body temperature each morning. My sleep is so disturbed due to disregulated temperature (feel hot to the point I’m drenched in sweat but quickly very cold).

I’ve only had 2 days in 10 where my temp has hit 36, mostly its low 35’s and this morning 35.1 the lowest ever.

I feel so drained and can barely think straight. I’m piling weight on by the day. I can’t get into my GP for another week.

I would welcome any observations or advice.

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From your temperature and TSH you are definitely going hypo.

Your GP may want to wait 3 months to see if it is an acute not chronic situation before treatment.

In the meantime you need to get your Vitamin D above 100 this will help your thyroid.

I am assuming you are not diagnosed or on medication as there is no info on your profile?

Ok I’ve just read some of your older post and you want to try NDT.

How long have you been unwell? How long have you been borderline with NHS blood range?

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Hi the honest answer is I don’t know. My 2016 bloods had a TSH of 3.2 but other factors not tested as it was more to see if I was menopausal. I assume there is nothing I can do but wait to see what the GP says next week, you hear such horror stories on here of bad GP advice that I’m really not confident. I’m desperate to get decent sleep!


This is a list of clinical symptoms:-


Hypo means 'low' and our temp and pulse can be low until we get onto an optimal dose of levothyroxine (i.e. we feel well with no symptoms). It can take some time as levo has to be increased by 25mcg every six weeks after a blood test until TSH is 1 or lower.


Thank you for all of your replies. I’m a female and diagnosed peri menopausal 2 years ago, now aged 47. I have struggled all my adult life with synthetic hormones. I’m averaging 4 hours sleep max, typically waking at 3:30 and zombie like for the rest of the day. I run a business so you can imagine the impact this is having. Cortisol levels are fine.

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Which synthetic hormones? Have you been diagnosed as hypo?

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Hi greygoose, I’m seeing my GP next Thursday for the first time since getting my blood results so not officially diagnosed as hypo yet. I’m referring to synthetic hormones typically used in the contraceptive pill which I have never tolerated and latterly HRT pills and patches have not agreed either. Does that help

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Yes, I thought you might mean synthetic thyroid hormones. :)

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