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Body temperature before and after treatment

Hi there,

I was wondering if the body temperature actually goes higher if someone is on the right dose Levo for treating hypothyroidism or if it's just the feeling. I'm asking because I'm really cold, always freezing hands and feet and now already wearing multiple layers of clothing and thick socks but it stays freezing cold. It feels like it's coming from the inside instead of the outside, like I've got ice running through my veins.

I am now 1 week on Levo 25mcg, way to early to say if it's doing something (it's not) and I'm hoping that when I'm on the right dose I will feel warmer. So now I'm wondering if I could actually measure this or that it's just the feeling?

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Flower3, yes your temperature should rise when you are optimally medicated. Last year mine barely rose above 35/36 degrees. Dog stole the thermometer so I can't take my temp now, but I'm sure it is higher.

I used a hot water bottle on my feet and another on my middle to try and warm my core and frequent hot drinks/snacks helped. Wearing a hat (yes, even indoors) also helps reduce heat loss.

I'm much warmer now I'm optimally medicated although my hands and feet are often cold. Sometimes my feet *feel* cold but they are warm to the touch. When my hands and feet are cold they do warm up when I'm under the duvet for a few minutes now, whereas last year they remained cold.

I find it peculiar that even though my feet are warm (I only put bed socks on yesterday) and I wrap the duvet around my feet and legs, once I turn out the light to sleep I feel as if there is a cold downdraft on my feet and legs although I don't notice it while I'm sitting in bed reading.

My small dog is probably happy that I no longer warm my frozen trotters on his lovely hot belly :-D

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Thank you for your reply. The way you describe it sounds just like me at the moment. Even if my feets are under very warm blankets with socks on them, they remain freezing cold for hours. It's a annoying symptom but I've got hope it will get better when I'm on the right dose. Got to have patience I guess.


Flower, a hot water bottle on top of my feet was very useful.

You might also check your ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are at good levels as they are often low in hypothyroid patients and supplementing to correct low levels/deficiency increases wellbeing.

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Before blood testing with the TSH - Docs were guided towards Hypothyroidism when temperatures were low. Broda Barnes was an advocate of the Basal Body Temperature. It is a way of monitoring your progress - taking your temperature on a regular basis - keeping a diary - and when it is 98.4/37 you may feel you are optimally treated.

The Broda Barnes Institute exists today in the States and there are references to his works on-line.


Hi flower3 my sister has hashi and is always cold. I had RAI for graves and when I took thyroxin I was so cold my bloods were right at the top end and when my partner sat next to me he could feel the ice cold coming from me. Your right it feels like it's coming out from the inside and when you touch your body it feels like ice. My partner used to say i felt like one of the living dead. Anyway I do ramble at times. My sister felt a bit warmer getting an increase but still needs hot water bottles. I am now on T3 and the icy feeling has now gone. You may be like me and my sister and need an increase to get some warmth. X


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