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Progesterone / Oestradiol Test (Saliva)

Hi All,

I just got tested and results as follows, with ranges for a post menopausal woman:

progesterone 127 (51.0 - 210.0)

oestradiol 3.57 (1.01 - 2.56) High

Ratio 36 (38 - 134) Low

I've been taking pregnenolone and DHEA because of high cortisol levels. I just got my cortisol tested again and it is still high but not as much. Previous sum of cortisol was 92.4 and this time it is 73.0, so some progress is being made, although slowly.

So my oestrogen is too high and I don't know if I should be worried and should be doing something about it? My DHEA is still at the bottom of the range so I am reluctant to stop supplementing it. I didn't get my testosterone tested but I don't feel like I have too much and I don't have any symptoms of having too much. Any advice please?


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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


No worries Clutter. The question is rather off the main forum topic of thyroid issues but I floated it anyway.



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