Biopsy results ?

Biopsy results ?

Just received biopsy results, shows benign (yay!) and also shows lymphocytic thyroiditis. Does that mean possible early stages of Hashimoto's?

Thyroid uptake scan showed hypo at 7% (10-20%).

Here's other thyroid blood results so far:

TSH 0.01

T3, free 3.9 (2.3-4.2)

Free T4, index t7 2.6 (1.4-3.8)

T4 thyroxine, total 8.1 (4.5-12.0)

T4, free 1.3 (0.8-1.8)

T3 uptake 32 (22-35)

T3 total 114 (76-181)

Thyroglobulin antibodies 1 (<or=1)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 6 (<9)


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Lymphocytic thyroiditis is autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) even though your antibodies are currently negative.

TSH 0.01 is suppressed, FT4 1.83 is mid-range, and FT3 3.9 is high in range. You appear to be optimally dosed.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Thank you greatly for your response. I am not on any medication. Sorry, I should've stated that. I am in the testing and diagnosing stage. My symptoms are very similar to hashimotos though, weight gain, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, etc.

Does it still mean hashimotos if I am not on medication and have no antibodies or don't have any yet? Can hashimotos be diagnosed through biopsy?


Hashimoto's is usually diagnosed by antibodies but can also be diagnosed by ultrasound scan which will show typical Hashi damage to the thyroid gland.

In the early days Hashimoto's can cause transient thyrotoxicosis ie high FT3 with suppressed TSH as the lymphocytes infiltrating the thyroid gland kill off thyroid cells which dump hormone into the blood stream. Repeated attacks will eventually atrophy the thyroid gland causing hypothyroidism.

There is no treatment for autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's but you may delay progression to hypothyroidism if you adopt 100% gluten-free diet as I posted above.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Thank you. I had my first abnormal TSH a month ago so am new to all this. The first ultrasound I had did not mention lymphocytic thyroiditis, only multiple nodules, and the first blood work I did was low antibodies, both were a month ago. So wondering why the biopsy says "lymphocytic thyroiditis", as when I google it is says "aka hashimotos". I have asked my docs if this means I have hashimotos and they say "it could". Guess I'm looking for a yes or no.

Last month, with the TSH abnormal I changed my diet and have been tapering off gluten and almost completely off now (my son has celiac). I have also changed to no processed food, only fresh organic, non gmo foods, fruit, and veggies. Also switched all my household products over to natural.

Guess I'm just desperate for a diagnosis and treatment plan so I can start to feel better.

you can put it into remission now, before u end up on meds. Google Dr, isabella Wentz and Mark Hyman MD..yhey have lots of info on how to reverse auutoimmune disease.

Thank you, will look them up.

once it is in remission, the symptoms should leave. You labs don't looks bad, but are not reliable for showing symptoms. My labs were normal, but i was swollen and had gained 10 lbs in one month, while unable to digest food. My doctor had me lower my dose again, because my TSH was suppressed, but the other labs were low in range. The thyroid can also return to normal, if caught at an early stage. It regenerates like the Liver and Tonsils do.

Thank you, Faith63. Just talked to my endocrine doc and she said it is not hashimotos or anything wrong with my thyroid. So confused!! Hard enough trying to make sense of the symptoms and test results, without drs saying different things. One said "could be hashimotos" other said its not and the other said to do more testing.

I don't know what to do or think. Will just keep doing what I'm doing with diet and going gluten free and jumping through hoops until I jump through the right one.

omg..i am so dense. You are the one getting pituitary testing on tuesday and we have been PMing!! I really get scared with my memory and metal state so badly!! What tests did they do? PM me.

I am looking into pituitary testing, you're not dense, lol, I don't think. We just chatted a couple times. The main thing I'm confused about is if the biopsy means I have hashimotos or not. The docs can't agree.

I am very overwhelmed, so i forget things. Then i forgot to look again at your report. The pathologist says it is moderately severe lymphocytic thyroiditis...which is another name for Hashimotos. A doctor with the last name of Hashimoto, is the one who discovered it. It goes by 2 names. Yes, it is hashimoto's according to the report. I wish i had caught mine earlier.

Thank you, I definitely understand being overwhelmed. Never mind what being sick does to our poor brains. That is exactly what I thought! I got the biopsy, saw the findings, googled "lymphocytic thyroiditis" and it said aka hashimotos. So I've been doing research about it and thought I finally had a diagnosis and was relieved! Then I talk to all the docs and one said it might be early stages of hashi's and to do more testing, another said she didn't know but it could be hashi's, and the third said it definitely is not and what's wrong with me has nothing to do with my thyroid. It's maddening! is insane. We just get sicker and they just get stupider!!!

I think you feel ill from the hashimotos actually..look it up, plus thyroid labs, do not coorelate with symptoms, very well.

I agree and have a lot of the symptoms of hashimotos, weight gain, joint pain, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, etc.

i think this is low thyroid, plus inflammation from autoimmune disease, it causes the thyroid hormone, you do have , doesn't work like it should.

i have learned a lot from your post. You have good thyroid labs and are very ill, with symptoms of low thyroid and/or hashi's. I wish doctors would pay attention. Oh, actually, they will tell you. that you have developed another disease or have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome and hashi's has no symptoms..

I absolutely agree! Think I'm going to go with the doc that said it could be early stages of hashi's and wants to do more testing; that feels right to me.

What concerns me, is that this doctor, does not know, even though the report says, it is for sure and actually, is not at the beginning stage, the damage is pretty severe. So odd, that the blood is negative, though, with moderately severe disease. Remember, they will not tell you about autoimmune diets, they will tell you there is nothing you can do to treat autoimmune disease. They will just give you a Synthoid/levo/t4 pill and tell you you will be good as new. They do not treat autoimmune disease at all. I don't know what other testing needs to be done. I think, if you can, the best place is a functional medicine doctor, who will help you find out why you got this and treat that. you don't go on to develop other diseases too.

Yes, the one I am wanting to continue seeing is a functional med doc. She is testing reverse t3, which hasn't been done, DQ 2&8 for genetic celiac, which hasn't been done, ferritin and a bunch of others that are or can be related but no one has done tests, including more hormone. I think she thinks it is hashi's and is treating me for it (saw her for the first time yesterday), but is being cautious to call it that without doing further testing to see if it's another autoimmune disease or if there are other contributing factors. Since there aren't antibodies yet, she mentioned it could be before they've formed and the reason my labs contradict is its early. But she gave me a hashimotos handout, wants to start me on supplements and diet for it, and a few other things. So think she's on the right track.

can she help you with your son too?

I am going to ask at my next appt next week. I think some of the things we're doing for me would be good for him too.

a good function medicine doctor would be looking for leaky gut and work on repairing that..they believe it is the backbone in healing all autoimmune disease. I had stool testing done. My son and i both have leaky gut, where the body and brain and immune system react to food. We both had very few good bacteria, but no bad bacteria. My next step with my son is to have breath testing for bacterial over growth in his small intestine...he has every symptom. We have been trying to heal our guts for 11 months now and it is not working. He has been gluten and dairy free since April 2014. I followed shortly there after. I am going to the pituitary center in Boston, next month for an evaluation, which i think i told you about already.

With that all being said..sometimes, i just want a glazed donut, with chocolate icing on top and custard in the middle, dipped in coffee and some Cool Ranch Doritos.. oh, and some pretzels and birthday cake. ..darn it!!!

Lol, birthday cake and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is going to be a hard one for me. Worth it to feel better though. Think once it's habit it will get easier. I am familiar with sibo, haven't had it personally, but had another severe intestinal infection. And going to get my son checked out by the fmd, but one thing at a time. My brain is pretty tired from all the research, I do it all day everyday, trying to find answers. Thanks again for all your help and info. Hope you have a good night and good luck with yours and your son's testing. Let me know how it goes.

you take care too. Let me know what happens, if you remember too.. For me and my son, diet has not helped much, because we have something else causing the symptom and with leaky gut, diet for sibo and ibs, don't work and doesn't replace missing hormone either..

There is so much that can go wrog with thyroid replacement pills, it, in my opinion, is best to reverse hashi's naturally and save you will never regret it. When on meds, the thyroid atrohy's..mine is very small, may never be able to get off of meds, ever.

Thank you, it does seem that there are a lot of components to a healthy thyroid, not just medications I'm watching the video series on hopeforhashimoto' and it has a lot of good information, my functional med doctor has already started testing for things mentioned in the videos. I've been reading the links you sent me today and found a really good parahgraph. I'm not sure if I can add a photo or copy and paste the text, but will show you somehow; it is perfect!

Thanks again. Talk soon.

can't wait to see your info!

please do not think that they know what they are talking about, because they are doctors..because they don't!!

Get a copy of the pathology report and if i says lymphocytic thyroiditis, it IS HASHI'S...period!

I hate doctors.

The picture at the top of the post is the pathology report and it says "lymphocytic thyroiditis". All three docs I'm seeing say it means something different. So that means I have hashi's even though no antibodies and it wasn't mentioned in the ultrasound?

Thanks Faith63!

yes. Some people have negative blood antibodies. If Hashi's is still suspected, the only way to get an accurate result, is a biopsy. My ear nose and throat doctor, told me that scans/ultrasounds, can look normal and when he gets in there, a thyroid can be a real mess. I didn't really believe it until now..after reading what happened to you.

here is a good link for info..


remember, it is not your thyroid, but your immune system that is out of whack here. Your immune system, is attacking it, because it thinks it is a germ!!! only makes sense to help you immune system. Celiac and Hashi's seem to go hand in is hereditary, how your body reacts to things that trigger autoimmune disease. All of them can usually be put into remission, often for good. Try the autoimmune paleo reset diet, for you and your son..see if it helps. This way, when you add food back, you can see what foods, trigger your immune system.

Thank you so much! That all makes sense. I will google the autoimmune paleo reset diet and read the link. Thanks again!

found if things weren't bad enough..

Yikes, will read that as well. Looks like I've got some good studying to do. Thank you :)

i though that this might help your son too. What does mainstream medicine have to offer our children and ourselves? We have to try things, within reason and see if it what i think. Diet is something we can do relatively easily. I wish there was a magic pill, but there is not.

Thank you, very thoughtful. I really appreciate it. Yes, the more I learn about my health the more I want to try with my son and think it could help him too. With the autism, it makes it very difficult to change things, but despite my health issues, I am trying. He used to only eat 5 things, all day every day. In the last couple months I have been able to successfully introduce 4 new and healthier foods to his diet. He's eaten the same 5 things for 9 years, so new things are HUGE!! Definitely going to work on more with him.

What does he eat.. if you don't mind my asking. I don't know much about Autism and the symptoms. I think they are different for each person. I guess change is huge for him. You must have the patience of a saint! Truly, i would just freak out. I have, actually anyway!! It is all too much to bear sometimes.

It's not healthy, I know, but believe me I've been trying for years. He even didn't eat for four days once when I tried to add something new years ago. He eats string cheese, corn chips, Cheetos, fruit roll ups, beans and rice, and apple juice. That is literally it and has been for 9 years. This year I've added udis gluten free pizza, gluten free bread, peanut butter, eggs, hot dogs, vans gf waffles, rice, chicken, and tysons gf chicken nuggets. I know the things I've added aren't ideal, but my whole point is to add new foods so he gets used to change and variety so he will eventually eat more new foods. And with me going gluten free too that will hopefully be easier.

check out the gaps diet and see what they suggest. Just an idea. They must know how to deal with picky eaters. The stuff he is eating, very likely is making him worse. Grains, cause so much inflammation.

Does he have rashes or bowel trouble ?

The doctor who wrote gaps, has gotten her autistic son off of the spectrum, thru diet alone. Apparently it works for many and worth a try. I am sorry to say, but the GF baked goods are made with crap. Can you both do meat, fruit and veg, organic, so he is off pesticides too. maybe some raw honey or real maple syrup, instead of sugar. I have found some great grain, egg and dairy free recipes thru autoimmune paleo. It seems nearly impossible , but once you learn about what we ingest and start cooking, its the only way you will ever want to eat again.

Please check out gaps and you can all eat the same stuff together. My daughter ate pre made gluten free baked goods. She still has rashes and cannot lose a pound. She is able to eat gluten now without swelling and is back on fast food crap. She is going to be so sorry.

Do you have family support?

He doesn't have rashes or bowel problems. Yes, his diet is bad, but a work in progress and I am working towards it being better.

We used to eat the standard america diet too. It was very hard to change at first, especially when ill and giving up all of your comfort foods. I felt like i did when i needed a cigarette..empty, naked, in a cold dingy basement, feeling.. so depressed and like i was being so very cheated. My health was gone and now i have to give up my food too, so unfair. I am now, afraid to eat any other way, with this darn autoimmune stuff. Did i say i eat no grains, no dairy, not legumes, no seeds? Just started nuts again and avocado..i don't know what to think. So much conflicting info out there. But i do believe certain foods cause inflammation..i am already inflamed and i have some edema issues. . Stopping grain, stopped my migraines. It has been a long process.

I don't recall you mentioning that. It is definitely overwhelming and daunting. I've made a lot of changes this month and have a lot more to go. Trying to do them gradual as to not shock my already delicate system.

i jumped right in and cleaned out my pantry. Made some mistakes along the way. When you pretty rapidly switch from 4 diets, you forget what is what. We did a diet based on food sensitivities for nearly 2 years, it did help. then did autoimmune paleo, for many months, then autoimmune paleo 30 day reset, didn't work, then specific carb diet, also gave up all grains 4 months ago, before scd diet..all to no avail..uterly lost..

I'm going to try the one my functional med doc that I just saw for The first time mentioned. No gluten, soy, and possibly dairy, but going to do a gradual to not shock my system. I had a nasty withdraw from gluten last time I went gluten-free cold turkey. Almost completely gluten-few now. My son has been gluten-free for nine years, since he was diagnosed with celiac when he was three years old.

okay, whatever works for you. Please read the link, i believe that i sent you regarding food, that your body, reacts to , just like gluten..cross reactive may help your son to avoid these things too.

faith63 here are the links I mentioned. I search and read old posts for info, so wanted to add it in case it helps anyone in the future.

The link for the video series about thyroid and gut:

The article faith63 sent me about antibodies, specifically this part

"Tests For Thyroid Antibodies Won’t Always Be Positive - It’s important to know that someone with an autoimmune thyroid condition won’t always have a positive test for thyroid antibodies. As a result, just because your thyroid antibodies test comes out negative doesn’t mean you don’t have an autoimmune condition. This is why it’s important to also consider the patient’s symptoms, other thyroid blood tests (although once again these might be negative as well), along with other factors. In addition, if someone tests negative for thyroid antibodies then it’s probably a good idea to get retested once or twice in the future before ruling out an autoimmune condition."

Here's the link: naturalendocrinesolutions.c...

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