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What's going on? My GP thinks I'm normal

Hi all further to my last post querying my trial of medication which I've taken for only 4 days. My GP has taken another thyroid test. I think he was unsure about starting me on the medication as he said my last results were insignificant and only indicated that I may develop problems in the future.

My results were

B12 435 190-910

TSH 6.4 0.4-5.5

Free T4 12.7 11-26

Thyroid peroxidase antibody 235 less than 50

Ferritin 8 yes this is right

Haemoglobin 101 115-165

Symptoms are extreme fatigue weight gain joint pain,slow thinking, swallowing difficulty constipation,itchy scalp. Hoarse voice.

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You've already developed several problems including autoimmune hypothyroidism, there is no need for your doctor to wait before making a diagnosis or treating you.

You also need treatment for your low haemoglobin and low ferritin.

Go back to your doctor and ask to be referred to hospital urgently for an iron infusion. He/she can't just leave you to rot. If he refuses to give you an infusion you might want to consider making a complaint.

With regard to the B12, this is too low as well (although it isn't outrageously bad). The NHS won't treat this because it is in range, so you will have to treat yourself. You should buy some methylcobalamin 1000mcg from Jarrow Formulas or Solgar, and take one a day. They are available from Amazon, but shop around for better prices. The B12 should be stuck in the mouth and allowed to dissolve slowly - no sucking or chewing - to maximise absorption.

Along with the B12 you also need to take a B Complex containing methylfolate. I take Thorne Research Basic B Complex, one a day. There are other brands, of course.

Coming on to your thyroid...

You are already hypothyroid. According to the NHS though (which is extremely sadistic when it comes to treating hypothyroidism) you have subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH), rather than overt hypothyroidism and, as such, you should only be treated if you are symptomatic - which you are. So your doctor shouldn't be nervous of treating you because the guidelines cover your situation.

If you look at the NICE guidelines :

If TSH is between 4 and 10 mU/L and FT4 is within the normal range

In people aged less than 65 years with symptoms suggestive of hypothyroidism, consider a trial of LT4 and assess response to treatment 3–4 months after TSH stabilises within the reference range — see the section on Prescribing information for further information on initiation and titration of LT4. If there is no improvement in symptoms, stop LT4.

Follow up of people with SCH who are started on LT4

Reassess symptoms on treatment. If symptoms have improved, lifelong treatment may be considered. If symptoms have not improved or if adverse effects are reported, stop LT4 after a 3–6 month trial.

Once TSH has normalized, TFTs should be measured at least annually thereafter.

If lipids were elevated at initial assessment, recheck to see if they have improved adequately or the person needs therapy for dyslipidaemia — for more information, see the CKS topic on CVD risk assessment and management.

Source : cks.nice.org.uk/hypothyroid...

You might want to print out the above page and highlight the bits relevant to you, then show it/give it to your doctor.

Do you take antacids or PPIs such as omeprazole or lansoprazole for indigestion?


I should also mention that if your cholesterol is higher than your doctor is happy with, don't accept treatment for it. With adequate treatment of your thyroid problems your cholesterol level will go down naturally.


TSH of 6.4 and theres nothing wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spare me these ignorant doctors

You are severely HYPOTHYROID

plus you have extremely low ferritin which needs a transfusion to correct ASAP

Hypothyroid causes ferritin and folate B12 and Vit d3 along with Vit C and zinc to be totaklly trashed

A healthy person should have a TSH near 1.0 and a free T4 and Free T3 in the upper quadrant of their ranges

usually t4 range is 10 -22

t3 range 3.8 - 7.0

but labs vary hence you need to get reference ranges and always insist on copies of blood tests so you can keep them in a file

If your have a blood test never never take any thyroid meds in the 24 hours before a test

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Your GP is out of order to say there isn't a thyroid issue going on here. I went through the same thing for 8 months with my GP, and I tried many other GPs who told me i was looking for problems. My TSH was over 6 and I was very ill but because my antibodies were fine I was told I didn't have a thyroid problem. Oh how wrong they were.

My ferritin was 8 like yours, my B12 was 212 and I was told I was fine. You also have low HB so you need iron medication. I was refused an iron infusion even when my ferritin was 8 and mine was low for 10 years.

I take Jarrow B12 and it has bumped my B12 up to 1070.

Make sure you have your bloods taken fasted first thing in the morning and at least 24 hours after you have taken thyroxine.

I hope you start to feel better soon.



Surprised no one has said change your Dr. He is clueless.


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