What's going on with my thyroid

Became ill beginning of September.. Diagnosed initially with mono and uncontrolled hypertension. Had a bunch of labs and results were as follows

TSH 0.03

Free T4 1.7

Vitamin d 28.1 and started on ergo 50000 units weekly

RH factor 25.7 but pretty sure this is elevated due to the mono

Had a rash, muscle aches, fatigue, fever seen primary care dr and she called to tell me my TSH is now .1 and free T4 2.0 and thyroid antibodies I was given no value but said they were normal

Lately experiencing heat intolerance, light sensitivity, tired, mood swings, missed periods, increased appetite.

I get I'm hyperthyroid but why.? My family history consists of hashimoto..I'm super nervous trying to figure out what's causing me to be hyperthyroid..

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  • Hi Tirednurse, why do you think you're hyperthyroid? You can only tell that if you have the FT3 tested and it's over range.

    Do you have a range for the FT4, because that reading means nothing on its own. Your TSH is suppressed, but that on its own is meaningless.

    Did you get a print-out of the results - with ranges - so that you can see the antibodie figures for yourself? Just because your doctor says it's 'normal', doesn't mean it is. :)

  • My dr states it seemed hyperactive based on my symptoms. I'm having a thyroid scan Monday and Tuesday.. Just trying to figure out why levels are abnormalđŸ˜©

  • Can't Hashimoto's have periods of hyperthyroidism? I had that a year ago, incidentally when my b12 was really low and I was getting over infection. I don't know much about this stuff though.

  • Yes, Allyson, it does have periods of hyper. And periods of 'normal', too.

  • Well, I think that in order to figure that out, you need to see your anitbody results - sounds like Hashi's, and get an FT3 test done. You're not going to know anything until then.

    Even if your antibodies were low when tested that day, doesn't mean they always are. Levels vary, and as your TSH was so low, there probably weren't many antibodies around. Hashi's does swing like that, so one negative reading isn't difinitive. You could still have Hashi's.

  • Wow hashimoto sounds much better... Well considering my mom is when thinking of hyper or graves I was wondering how that was possible with me being overweight and super tired.. I know there is a genetic link so I'm hoping its hypo as that's easier to treat

  • Free t4 is a range of up to 1.7

  • Greygoose, after a thyroid scan and ultrasound it was confirmed that I had Graves' disease.. I since think I have reached remission.. Haven't been able to go back to endo as I changed jobs and have no insurance.. I have restarted my regular menses..not suffering insomnia.. Could be the new job, no midnight shifts, less stress and normal sleep 

  • When tsh levels are drawn it's actually opposite ( low tsh is hyper, high tsh is hypo

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