Update on GP visit

Silly me,for actually believing he would listen to me.

I took all my results.I showed him a list of my symptoms.I subtly explained which results,I felt,were not right.

He said,Hashimoto's does not mean my results would fluctuate,I should remain stable on 75 mcg of Levothyroxine.He said to take no notice of my TSH levels as they aren't significant.He said the Endo at the hospital obviously disagrees with Thyroid UK or he wouldn't be telling me to continue on my current dose.After,leaving,I realised,the hospital aren't aware I am suffering with all these current problems.

He wants to put me on HRT and is checking for anaemia and diabetes.Diabetes was negative on previous tests.Anaemia is not why I am tired.

So,basically,he won't recognise I have a thyroid problem and is blocking my referral to see the Hospital Thyroid clinic.He thinks

I am a menopausal woman with low blood count.

After all my hard work,I have just been completely ignored.I am not sleeping,exhausted and not listened to.

Why do I bother?


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  • I know that it shouldn't come to this but if you need answers and the right treatment, consider contacting Dr Skinner or Dr Peatfield. I was diagnosed with "all sorts" and only started back on the road to health after an appointment with the latter.

    Another thing I've found helpful for sleep difficulty is acupuncture.......some GPs will refer you.

    Chin Up


  • I am sorry to hear of your very disappointing experience. This condition makes it extremely hard to fight your corner anyway. Is there another GP you can go and see, one you have found a little more supportive?

    Have they tested you to see if you are going through the menopause? I was concerned about his but my test results show I am years away from it as of yet so that was discounted as an issue.

    I have started taking selenium, iron and vit C along with changing to a named brand thyroxine and I have noticed some subtle changes. Perhaps something to try in the meantime.

  • Hi Poppy,

    thanks for replying.I made an appointment with another GP to review the blood-count test.I will try again with him,but it is further delays and I needed help now.I honestly believed,I had all the evidence I needed,to increase my Levo straight away.

    Blood test last year,showed I am peri-menopausal but I am surprised He is prepared to put me straight on to HRT,without even considering my Hashimoto's being the problem.

    I will try selenium,am increasing my vit C by diet.

    A big thankyou for your support,it really helps to talk to people who know what they are talking about.

    Paula x

  • Could you tell me where these two doctors are based pleased?Thanks for your comments,if the sleep problem continues I will see about acupuncture,



  • Be really careful about the HRT, some of it is contra indicated with thyroid meds.... especially premarin. Also, get the progesterone and estrogen balance checked..... low progesterone is common and supplementing with estrogen just makes everything worse, and increases the risks of cancer.


  • Dr Peatfield...The Peatfield Clinic

    16, Southview Rd



    CR69JE PH.01883 623125

    Dr Skinner....22 Alcester Rd


    B13 8BE PH.0121 4498895

    Good Luck


  • Thanks,I know nothing about HRT so far,


  • Thankyou,


  • Hi DR Peatfield has several clinics up and down the UK as well as in Surrey and he visits the others every 3 months approx i think. Have seen him quite a few times in Stockport Greater Manchester, if you tel the 01883 623125 they will let you know of all the clinics. There may be one fairly near you. best wishes angie xx

  • Hi Angel,

    I have just read your comment on Dr. Peatfield I wonder as you have seen him on several occasions could you just give me an average idea how much he charges for an appointment and perhaps blood tests as i have no idea on how much these things cost! I would be very gratful many thanks wakeham.

  • Hi Angie,

    Thanks for the info.Hope he comes up to Aberdeen!I will try though and really appreciate your help,


  • your welcome x i think it all helps when we support each other this thyroid stuff. I just looked at an old letter and he definately did have a clinic in Aberdeen, just ring and check to make sure. best wishes angie x

  • ps. Dr Peatfield, still has a clinic in Aberdeen, ive just checked fo you. next one in February x

  • Please bear in mind that as dr p is no longer a registered gp he cannot prescribe and your gp will not listen to his advice so you would be paying for all of the supplements and medication yourself which can be very expensive. Dr p has written a brilliant book, look at info on it on thyroid uk site.

    <b>Updated on Jan 17 2011 12:04AM:</b> Paula, can you change your GP? trying to talk you into taking HRT is not the best plan!

    I have seen both Dr P and Dr S if you want to ask me any questions.

    Dr Skinner has to have a referral from a doctor and costs £180 for the first consultation. He has his main clinic in Birmingham and a monthly one in Glasgow. He corresponds with your GP on his advice. He has written a brilliant book also. He is a Virologist

  • There is a list of Dr Peatfields clinics and dates on the website of tpa. under news on the right hand side.... Here's the link:



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