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Hi I just recently had blood tests that have shown my thyroid is under active, I'm now waiting 3 months for a further blood test to confirm that and then my doctor said I will need to take drugs for life. He said I'm borderline I had to say if this is borderline I don't know how I can feel worse all of a sudden a whole list of things I had been experiencing and explaining away are linked I've been feeling like I'm going crazy the itching the tiredness aching my hair falling falling out. I've always been ditzy but I'm forgetting everyone and some days just getting the kids to and from school is to much. People have said it's a relief you know what it is and you be fine now but I don't feel fine and for the last 6-7 months of my life I've have not been fine, I'm a mother of 4 and I don't feel like much of a mum right now . I know this is a long rant I guess really I just wanted to know other people's views from those who have felt it this does not feel like nothing to me. Thanks for reading.

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  • Ops I'm not forgetting people just everything else.

  • Freya3,

    It is protocol to retest 3 months after the first abnormal TSH result in case high TSH is caused by a virus or non-thyroidal illness.

    Try taking an antihistamine for the itchiness.

  • Thanks I have been given some so I will keep up with them.

  • Welcome to our forum and if you get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges and post them on a new question members will be able to advise.

    If you feel awful I don't see why your doctor is not prescribing for you and I wonder if he knows that the thyroid gland has probably, gradually been failing for years before we go to the doctor with symptoms.

    To make you wait another three months is awful particularly when he has said you are underactive. No wonder their actions make no sense to me, or you.

    We are entitled by law to our blood test results so don't let the receptionist put you off. Some charge a nominal sum for paper/ink.

  • I will do that thanks, I think your probably right about the doctor while really kind and open to my symptoms I feel like now I know what's wrong I don't know anything. I've been looking into everything myself that's how I found this site.

  • Thanks

  • Absolutely a good idea to always get a copy of your blood test results. Keep a file with them in -can be handy to look back to see how you respond to treatment -when you do start. The other thing you can do is use them as a trend e.g. If you always come back as borderline but slowly showing that TSH is going up and ft4 is going down some doctors will listen to that and treat you. It is am afraid normal protocol to re test in three months especially as your test indicated borderline. I was so ill for about two years because my TSH was borderline and no one would treat me. . Flippin nightmare-you have all my sympathy. Hugs.

  • Thanks for replying and the advice I will do that. It seems this is the beginning not problem solver as some people seem to think it is so I really appreciate your advice. Feel a bit less lost already thank you

  • No worries -people on here are very helpful and there are some people with really good knowledge so keep posting! Many doctors know very little about the thyroid and this is compounded by NICE guidelines which they are given which effectively can delay diagnosis. Other doctors have been prosecuted by the GMC for failing to stick to these guidelines so there is a fear element in the profession too. Unfortunately thiscmeans patients suffer like you.

    In the meantime I would read up. Knowledge is power! 😊 I like Dr Peatfields book, old copy called The Thyroid Scandal and new copy called Living with your thyroid. If you go on Thyroid UK website itself they have a list of books. They used to also have a loan library -dont know if they still do.

  • Hi Freya, welcome to the forum.

    One very important point, you will not be taking DRUGS for the rest of your life. You will be taking hormones. Not the same thing. Drugs alter something within your body, hormones just replace what your body can no-longer make for itself.

    But, beware, your doctor may try and prescribe drugs for you, to treat your symptoms - PPIs for acid reflux, beta blockers for palpitations, statins for high cholesterol, etc - but you should resist these if at all possible (especially the statins and PPIs) because what you really need to get rid of the symptoms, is an adequate dose of thyroid hormone, not a drug. :)

  • Thank you. :)

  • Good point well made thank you so much for replying. I was feeling overwhelmed about the idea of drugs and what they might give me. Sometimes it perspective isn't it,and I'm on the blink with that at the moment. Thanks again

  • You're welcome. :)

    It is a bit over-whelming at first, but you'll soon get used to it all.

  • Freya3 Dr Peatfield's book is well worth getting amazon.co.uk/Your-Thyroid-H...

  • Downloading now thanks

  • Gluten, dairy and other food sensitivities can cause brain fog and many other symptoms. Worth doing an elimination diet or Paleo Autoimmune protocol to help find out if you have intolerances (many people aren't aware they have them:


    If you try cutting out gluten, best to do so gradually over a couple of weeks so it isn't a shock to your system.

    If you're being tested for celiac, wait until after the test before cutting gluten to get an accurate result.

  • Thanks I was just talking about diet and food to my husband and wondering were to start when I saw your reply.

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