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Good Morning all 😊

Sorry I have no recent blood results to post today, but I'v switched from Levo after 20 years to t3. Have been taking t3 split into 3 doses for the past 10 weeks. I take gentle iron before bed as advised so caffeine doesn't interfere with the absorption. I want to add selenium and magnesium daily but not sure if I can take alongside iron at bedtime. Can anyone enlighten me please.

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  • Now, that's going to be difficult... No, you can't take selenium and magnesium with iron - you can't take anything with iron except vit C.

    And iron has to be taken 4 hours away from T3.

    Magnesium has to be taken 4 hours away from T3.

    And selenium 2 hours.

    And all three of them away from each other.

    Do you really need to take your T3 in three doses?

  • Thanks for advice grey.

    Looks like it will be difficult then 🙈

    After speaking to on pm grey I did take all t3 at once and my heart palpitations and sweats got me throughout the day all day 😩 So I went reduced by a quarter and went back to splitting again.

  • Could you not try splitting into two doses?

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