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What is wrong with me?


Pls help me understand what is wrong with me.I have had hashimotos for the last 3 years.I am on eltroxin 125 mg. On an outing one evening I felt weak on my knees and fell down,only to get up instantly ,ate something and had juice,felt a sinking feeling and cold sweat.After 15-20 minutes I felt fine. After which I have the following symptoms weakness on left arm and leg followed by numbness on left cheek.I would walk everyday for 8- 10 kms 5- 6 times a week.Now I feel to weak to walk that much.My symptoms got worse,felt confused and felt brain fog ,when I tried to walk I felt I was not walking in a straight line.I visited my endo, he said it's most probably hypoglycemic.He asked me to get total blood count ,tsh*6.5)b12 (327)iron studies(64.00)rest all normal(since I mentioned I may be thalessemia minor,as my sibling is)haemoglobin10.8,calcium(8.70),vit d,(55.51) phosphorus(3.10)glucose fasting(93)liver panel(all normal),electrolytes all in range on lower side, urine test (normal).

Fast forward to 2 weeks later changed my endo since I did not feel much better.

TSH 0.666,free t3 3.24,free t4 1.78,cpk 43u/l,ferritin 19.50,tissue tranglutaminase(tTg) 5.06.

According to the endo ,it is just anxiety,which could be due to excessive eltroxin,he has lowered my dosage.I still feel weak and got nervous and anxious today morning .I am scared and want to get better soon.I feel weak on my left leg and get a headache behind my head,get brain fog sometimes,double vision when I am low,feel low and like crying.I don't want to be like this all my life.Please help and tell me how to sort this out.It is scary to walk around with glucose tablets.My symptoms have gone down but I dont know when I may feel low again and what new symptom will come on this time around.The endo has asked me to come back in 3 weeks with tsh test.And has asked me to take eltroxin 100,he has cut out all vitamins b 12,calcium,d3 which I was taking for the last 3 weeks,since my episode of falling down on the prescription of the first endo.I also had a backache and feel a pulling sensation on my left leg like a sciatica kind of pain.Felt a numbness on tongue also a few days back,and it was scary.Too much has happened in the last month,so is difficult to keep this short.I get a painchance attack kind of feeling I guess when I am low on sugar.I wish I knew what exactly is wrong with me.I feel jittery and like i am trembling before eating after i eat my meal tne symptoma go away only to return in a few hours again. Pls help.

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It is quite hard to read your results as you haven't put spaces in them and you have missed out the ranges.

Please click on the edit button and put in the ranges for your test results in brackets. For example TSH 0.666 (0.35-4.5)

Also can you confirm whether you have Thalessemia Minor?

This is ALL very important as no-one can safely tell you whether to supplement unless you put this information in.

Thalessemia Minor is associated with an increased risk of iron overload so unless you answer no-one can advise you to supplement anything.

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I have checked for thalessemia minor and it is positive.


Have you been referred to a haemotolgist?

The first thing the doctor who diagnosed you should have done was to refer you to or talk to a haemotolgist to gather more information.

As your haemoglobin level is too low. In people without blood disorders it should be 12 or above. Your ferritin level while above the WHO guideline level is also low.

Low haemoglobin makes people feel extremely tired, makes them feel cold and can make them ache.

I do know that some haemotolgists can tell you to take other vitamins.

When you see the haemotolgist ask him or her if it is OK for you to supplement vitamin D and vitamin B12. There are plenty of guidelines around the world - so you need to find those where you live - that state vitamin D should be supplemented by everyone.

There is no need for you to supplement calcium and you shouldn't unless a doctor tells your levels are too low, as low calcium can indicate other diseases which should be investigated.

Finally when you have seen the hematologist please come back and start a new thread saying what happened. That way any other forum member in your situation will know what to ask for.

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No I have not been referred to a haematologist,but will surely look into getting an appointment with one soon,thanks, I had no idea.


Sorry I edited my post above to tell you to ask questions.

I have a blood disorder myself and talking to people with more serious ones it seems that some medical professionals just sit on blood test results instead of referring as the guidelines suggest.

They then blame you, dismiss you or tell you you are crazy if they treat something else and you are still sick.

In my own case I was lucky that two newly qualified practitioners picked it up as their "experienced" boss just sat on my results.

Anyway I was lucky as I happened to talk socially to a doctor who deals with different disorders in kids and knew exactly what precautions I needed to take so didn't need a referral.



Sorry, was in too much of a rush to get some answers

I have now put down the results for you


Calcium 8.70 (8.80-10.60)

Vit D 55.51 (<50 deficient)

(50-74 insufficent)

Glucose fasting 93 (70-100)

TSH 6.509 (0.550-4.780)

Electrolytes serum

Sodium 138 (136-146)

Potassium 4.17 (3.50-5.10)

Chloride 103 (101-109)

Hbhplc beta thalessemia minor

(Thalessemia minor)

Haemoglobin 10.80

Vit b 12 327 (211-911)

Now the secon endocrinologist I visited in August asked for the following tests

Cpk 43 ( <145 )

Ferritin serum 19.50 (10-291)

T3 free 3.24 (2.30 -4.20)

T4 free 1.78 (0.89-1.76)

TSH ultra 0.666 (0.550-4.780)

Tissue transglutaminase

tTg INA serum 5.06 (<20.00)

I hope this is of help

Thanks for taking the time to help out


Not yet.


Your symptoms of weakness in left arm, leg and cheek are similar to the symptoms of a stroke. Has anyone checked for this?

Strokes can happen at any age.

Go back to your GP as soon as possible and ask to be tested. The sooner they do that, the better. If it's a long wait before you can get an appointment, try telling the receptionist that someone has suggested that you may have had a stroke - that should get you in the same day. Otherwise go to A&E and tell them.

Best wishes.

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I hav had these symptoms.for the last one month now,do u think if it was a stroke I would have already had one by now and probably been in emergency.But thanks for your input, I am hoping I get well soon.


Waiting for ur answer


Hi there, your reply didn't come through to me, so I've only just found it.

Since it's been a month, don't bother with A&E. But do make an appointment to see your GP as soon as you can and make sure you tell him that it has been suggested that you may have had a stroke. Tell him about the way that it is your left side that has been affected more than your right.

My husband had a stroke that affected his left side. I didn't recognise it immediately as I didn't know all the symptoms at that stage.

It may not have been a stroke, but it's important to see your doctor and see what he thinks.

Best wishes.

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I believe your B12 is far too low and anything below 500 can give neuro type symptoms like numbness, weakness etc.. symptoms similar to your own. Lots of info on the web.

Please have a read of this page - scroll down to neurological signs and symptoms and you will see some similar to your own; numbness, weakness, difficulty walking

I believe Ideally B12 should be around 1000mcg.

I take Jarrows Methylcobalamin.

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Thanks for the reply😊


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