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Best /most proven T3 product in Europe?

Hi there, breakthrough...convinced the endo that it's time to have a mixed T4/T3 run, as T4 only (Euthyrox 175 mg) since 2014, after TT (Basedow-Graves + later TED) does not relieve some of symptoms (energy, clarity, brain fog) though test results are quite good.

- FT4 (on the edge of high limt of interval)

- FT 3 in the low third part of interval (it won't go higher than that...)

- TSH somewhere in the upper limit, but not far from the middle of the interval

Vitamin D moderate deficiency identified, solved.

RT3 test just taken today (it takes 10 bloody days for learning the result)

Most minerals and vitamins checked out OK in the past. B12 and follate missing but planned for test next month.

Otherwise all is good, had a moderate depression but got myself out of it by own powers, trailing symptoms are the brain fog, lack of clarity/focus and all day availability of the energy.

Now, while any advice is warmly welcomed, main question is - liothyronine sodium, what brand?

I have a medical prescription at hand and could buy from Austria, Germany, France or maybe even UK (currently I am located in Romania)

So. ..dear colleagues, liothyronine, what brand? Where from?

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Uni-Pharma Greece. But you will have to ask someone to PM you with the appropriate website as I do not know what it is. I live in Greece so do not have to order it :-)


Found it already localy, online store for body building and deemed as "unreliable source" after reading also the Greek producer site. Please let me know if I was wrong in doing that but in the English site of the producer I was unable to find the product. You, as a local and a consumer look satisfied, I might have been wrong. :)


I bet you paid over-the-odds for it on a body building site! There are better sources. I'm sure someone will PM you. :)


Hopefully somebody will help :)

I haven't bought from them, it was bloody cheap and not very reliable looking.

I'm not playing around with my health...I need a confirmed, valid, reliable source.


Of course you do. But just because it was cheap, doesn't mean it was unreliable. Greek T3 is very cheap, but very good.


The corollary of cheap being unreliable/not so good would be that the most expensive is the best. Few would claim that MercuryPharma liothyronine is "the best". :-)



The above link takes you to other posts about T3 on-line - over 3000 in fact. Have a read through and then contact those with the information by PM. Posts often say - I will PM you with the details. They are the ones you need to ask :-)

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Thank you both!



There is no 'best' T3, what suits one may not suit another.

As you have a prescription you should be able to get any European Liothyronine. Mercury Pharma Liothyronine is the only T3 licensed for UK use and is extortionately priced at £250+ for 28 x 20mcg tablets. German Thybon or French Sanofi will be more affordable.

Tiromel (Turkish) and Uni-Pharma (Greek) are available without prescription.

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