Thyroid lesions

Hello Thyroid folks - I need a bit of info and advice

In brief - last week in Turkey mother admitted to hospital. Place and services looked fab so I decided to have my T3 done (forgot that I needed the antibody ones done too 🙄) GP here refused all of course !

Saw a surgeon (no less) who carefully examined my throat at length and sent me for bloods and ultrasound (all a one stop shop over there - fantastic !) Results of everything back in an hour and I'm sitting back in Surgeons office .!!!! UK could learn a few lessons from this finely tuned structure ......serving 70 million people countrywide !!!

Bottom line - I've two large lesions on each side of Thyroid - the one on the right needs a biopsy and regardless of result needs out its so big ! The one on the left needs watched but also biopsied just in case

GP of course had dismissed all idea of a problem because guess what "TSH and T4 all within normal range "

My Q's are - do I need a General surgeon or an ENT one ?

Will they take the Turkish findings seriously ? I have it translated my Sis is fluent.

How do I research who's good in my area - I've a few names lined up but nothing more.?

Do I need an ref to an Endo now, or that being the medical side of it all should I wait until after surgery ? Should I build up a relationship with an Endo first and let them refer me to a surgeon - keep it all in the system so to speak ?

GP will be clueless and I've learned with Neuro and Cardio (other conditions exist although research suggests not unrelated to Thyroid ) it's best to keep it all under one roof as such.

Anxious about surgery but glad I've discovered this before time let sinister things develop !

Any help would be great folks

Susan find

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  • You have just got to fight and insist that they do something when you get back to the UK. If your doctor is rubbish ask to see someone else. It's important to get them removed so don't be fobbed off. If you hit a brick wall, kick up a big fuss and bug the hell outa them. They should refer you to an endo in conjunction with surgery.

  • Thank you Katie

    Don't you ever wonder why things have to be so complicated 😩

    I'm home and have an appointment on Thurs - my surgery has only 2 docs and far far too many patients !

    She is useless and he's not much better .Proactivity is not a word they know ....nor is reactivity for that matter. They use misplaced positivity for everything Oh it's so wearisome !

    Anyway enough complaints !

    You think I should see an Endo first and let him ref to surgeon ?

    I've one in mind - ref from a post another kind Thyroider sent me I'm armed and ready 😏

    S x

  • You do wonder yes. It's crazy. I've never found a good doctor. I think most GP surgeries are really difficult to get into now. I can't say about Endos sorry. I would assume they would do the opp at the ENT section of your hospital.

    I am hypo but self medicate as my Gp refused to 're test my thyroid. I tested private and my hormones were way off the scale low. Was so Ill going in and out of consciousness. Couldnt function with 3 kids and just thought I have to self medicate. So never had an official NHS diagnosis. Try and stand your ground and don't let them play it down. It's important for you to get it done. If not you will just worry constantly about it. Try not to over analyse either just go in and do it, easier said then done I know.

  • Susan-mac,

    My GP referred me to a maxillo facial surgeon experienced in thyroid surgery when ultrasound scan showed a nodule 2.5cm. Some GP's refer patients to ENT surgeons.

    Cold thyroid nodules do not usually affect thyroid blood levels. Nodules >1-1.5cm are usually biopsied via fine needle aspiration.

    I would copy your GP the Turkish medical reports and ask for referral to a thyroid surgeon or ENT.

  • You must have a good GP !

    Maxillofacial - I didn't think of that area At any rate whoever it is needs to be someone experienced in Thyroid surgery.

    Now ....don't laugh but I choose my Doctors very carefully - it's almost like I'm interviewing them ! If I don't feel we'll get on I'm outta'there - I've had a couple of bad experiences in the past !

    The "lesions" are 2.6 x2.6 x 4.5 and 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.4 so I guess they do need to come out !

    The surgeon did say that. He's keeping an eye on one of his own actually but it's only 5ml at the min.

    No, my bloods aren't affected but I think the blood ranges are so wide they couldn't possibly relate to everyone. It doesn't make sense !

    What does the 'fine neddle aspiration' involve or is it self explanatory ? I've been through a lot the past 5 years - not keen on more !

    Did you have surgery with a GA or can it be more simply done ?

    Many thanks


  • Susan-mac,

    The FNA involves inserting a needle into the thyroid nodule to withdraw cells for analysis. It's not painful as local anaesthetic is applied first but it is a little uncomfortable lying with one's throat thrust upwards. There will be some bruising and soreness for a few days after and paracetamol will take care of any pain.

    General anaesthetic is required for thyroidectomy.

    The blood ranges are very broad, certainly broader than many other countries.

  • Here in Crete we too have excellent facilities. Yesterday I took my step-daughter for blood tests - and yes we were allowed to choose which ones. Afterwards we walked a few paces for a thyroid scan for 25 euro - seen instantly and left with the results and report in our hands. All this happened in the next village to our home. Results tomorrow - all typed out beautifully.

    This was the same for my daughter a few years back and she had a node which was suspicious. Her GP in the UK refused to look at the scan and the test results. He insisted on doing his own tests and declared her normal. My heart sank. 3 months later the same. We persuaded her to see someone privately and this involved her having to go through her GP - not easy. FNA's revealed thyroid cancer. Her thyroid was removed and RAI followed due to affected lymph glands. We have often wondered what if - what if she had been seen earlier than the six months that were wasted.

    Really sorry I am not able to help with the correct sort of surgeon - am just glad you saw good people in Turkey and you are on your journey. I wish you a full recovery.

    What is going on in the UK ? How is it suggested it has the best Health Care system in the world ? Am not so sure :-)

  • Thank you Marz - our health service is appalling !

    The practitioners in it aren't - most are caring competent professionals

    The problems are the systems and the funding!

    With a lot of good management one could be fixed and the other could be found !

    That's my belief !


  • Yes of course. I know of many good people working in the NHS who are good and yet so depressed at the way things are going. Losing their motivation to do good things as they seem unable to help others due to restrictive Guidelines.

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