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Contraindications with under active thyroid Meds and Statins ?

Help please !!!

I've just read this may be a problem?

Not only am I totally confused about the testing for UAThyroid but I'm also on statins so more confusion reigns !

I'm very proactive about my health - I've multiple health problems - and don't mind researching all necessary avenues !

I'm very fit (or was until multiple seizures last Dec) and live a very healthy lifestyle .....define healthy ??

From GP - the usual "all within normal range" yet all the usual UAT symptoms getting worse! I've had an UAthyroid now for 30years and feel I've never been tested thoroughly, however, I don't know nor fully understand what to do next?

Please someone help and send me in the right direction !

How do I get or even know if I need this elusive T3 done ?

What about the other Vitamin tests mentioned on other posts ?

Also.....big Q here .....what on earth qualifies me to see an Endo ?

GP says no need - it should be no skin off her nose as I've Bupa to use - suppose she needs to write something plausible in the GP to consultant Ref ......and can't be bothered trying to find one .....or God forbid actually listening to me!!

All this comes with a history of serious Nuero problems - very briefly - biopsy for brain tumour CNS vasculitis, multiple other Neuro conditions tested and still no diagnosis "rare Neuro disease keep vigilante MRI's going every 4 months to check for changes"

There's just something in me ,call it gut feeling, that feels there's something more going on (poss out of Neuro remit) that needs Endo or Rheumo investigation or........???

I've started with my thyroid detective work as it seemed the best place to start ??

I should add I'm on Amlodopine and Perindiprol for high BP (which is no longer high btw)

3 anti seizure drugs on a now tapering dose (hesitate to say Epliepsy as that hasn't yet been confirmed and "isn't likely")

Inhaled steroids and Montelukast for resistant asthma (since age 11)

and of course the aforementioned

Statin and Levo 100

I'm a mess ! Any suggestions very welcome !!!


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Amlodopine made my legs swell and "rupture", requiring 3 months' treatment. I'm on Ramipril rather than your Perindopril, and was started on it - along with Simvastatin - before treatment for hypothyroidism. More recently a head honcho hummed about the statin, said I could have a holiday from it, but swapped me to Atorvastatin anyway. Maybe he gets a kickback from Pfizer for it? None of them seem to take much notice of NICE guidance - I was left on Nifedipine for ages, which is really only meant for emergencies and another condition. It left me too groggy for much normal daily life.

With hypothyroidism they seem to do a heck of a lot of watching and waiting. There aren't huge symptomatic improvements from treatment with Levothyroxine, and placebos seem to do quite well. The same can be said of antihypertensives! I'm following the sanctioned path to see if it reaches a dead end. My GP has already tried putting barriers in my way...


Oh dear where to start ? I think you have the answer to that :-) Why not have some private testing done - take a look at the main website of Thyroid UK where you will find the various companies offering a good range of testing. So you need the following - TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg. The last two being thyroid anti-bodies. Important to rule out Hashimotos.

You will also need - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - B12 - VitD - tested. They all need to be OPTIMAL. B12 around 900/100- - Ferritin around 80/90 - Folate - mid range and VitD near the top.

High blood pressure is a symptom of something else going on in the body - so they are treating the symptom and not the cause. It could be something as simple as low iron - oxygen clings to iron in the red blood cells for transportation around the body. When iron is low so is the oxygen - so your heart beats faster in an attempt to push more oxygenated blood around the body. Are you breathless when you run upstairs ? It can also be caused by Low T3 syndrome - lots of information out there about thyroid and the heart.

Raised cholesterol - well you need cholesterol as it is made in the body for a reason. It is needed for the production of ALL hormones and the synthesis of VitD in the skin. ( so you will be low in D ) The brain also has a huge amount of cholesterol. Over 80% of cholesterol is made in the body - because we need it :-) In days gone by - anyone with raised cholesterol had their thyroid treated - before the advent of the dreaded statin. Statins block the production of CoQ10 - something that is needed in every cell - similar to a spark plug in the engine.

Read up on - he wrote - The Cholesterol Con - and goes deeply into the way research has been skewed in favour of statins.

Do not be too concerned about seeing an Endo at this stage - there are so many people here who can interpret your blood test results when you have them. There are good Endos but mostly they deal with Diabetes....

I am thinking you may have LOW B12 - and that too can present like Hypothyroidism....

I am not a medical person - have learnt the hard way ! You can click onto my name and read the edited version of my journey to wellness.... :-)

Just keep asking questions and people will be happy to help....

Polypharmacy is not a good way to find wellness :-)


Marz thank you for all that

I'll take time to read all the links

Im happy to have private bloods done but I'm in N.I.

so haven't a notion where I would find a private phlebotomist ????



Have you looked at the links for Private Testing on Thyroid UK - am sure some are finger prick tests - and others - well most clinics will draw blood for you. Blue Horizon or Genova Diagnositics - the two main companies will have all the answers for you regarding blood draws..... I see below that Clutter has given you the links :-)


Have just been reading up about your CNS Vasculitis. Have you had your Homocysteine checked - often when cholesterol is raised so is Homocysteine....just a thought. Rarely acknowledged in the NHS - I have mine checked every year....


Susan-mac, Normal range is very broad and results within it are not necessarily optimal. TSH is a pituitary hormone and doesn't show how good/bad FT4 and FT3, the thyroid hormones, are. You can order the thyroid and vitamin/mineral blood tests Marz recommended from Blue Horizon and Genova via Members will interpret results if you post them with lab ref ranges (figures in brackets after results) in a new question.

Statins are contraindicated in hypothyroid patients. Google Dr. Kendrick and read his blogs on statins and the comment responses. He thinks there is little benefit in taking statins to prevent heart attack. Research further if statins were prescribed to prevent stroke in view of the seizures you had.

Email for a list of member recommended NHS and private endos and check whether they are on BUPA's approved list before asking your GP for a referral.


What sex are you? There is no scientific evidence that statins increase life expectancy or improve health in women. the only evidence is for preventing second heart attacks in men who have already had one. i think about 100 people have to be treated to prevent one heart attack. Recent studies show that the lower your cholesterol, the more likely you are to die prematurely. Side effects include fatty liver disease, low hormone levels, muscle wasting, brain fog and ... heart attacks.

Get off statins.

Read Dr Kendrick's blog

and lots more of his pages


If you take statins at the same time as your thyroid meds its a mistake! You should take any thyroid meds away from any other medication. Are you getting hyper symptoms or has the doctor decided you are overactive because yur TSH is suppressed?


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