Switching from t3 to Thiroyd


I was taking 50mcg Liothyronine for about 9 months and was tired of feeling wired and winded with brain fog and poor memory. I read "Stop the Thyroid Madness II." They explained the need for T4. Two days ago I switched to Thiroyd. Took 30mg each day and took 60mg this AM. I am going to add 30mg after 2 weeks. I'll get tested in 5 weeks. I'm excited about this. Has anybody else tried Thiroyd?

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  • Yes been on it now for around 10 months. It's working for me. I started taking it after probs with t4 only. I am so much better. I'm still tinkering with doses and I'm still not at my sweet spot. But I would recommend it.

  • Fitzy, glad you are feeling better. Would you be willing to let me know how you felt when you started taking it? I have been on Nature Throyd for three days, 1/4 grain. Have high cortisol which I am addressing with a adaptogens. Feeling a bit 'wired'. When do you think I might start noticing a difference. Thanks.

  • I felt the t3 as I wasn't used to it. I started on 1 grain split into 2 doses and became wired and uncomfortable when I tried to raise. Had problem with high cortisol as well which didn't help. It took a while to get to 11/2 grains and to work out when the best time was to take it. I'm am taking three doses at the moment which is working out better for me. I work in care so I have a 17 hour day some days so my first dose is a 6am then 10 am then 2pm and it's beginning to work for me but everyone is different. I found that if I was wired it was either too much at the one time or I had to drop back down again for a time. It was quite a slow process for me but I got there .

  • Thanks, Fitzy, very helpful. Interesting that you have been able to tolerate NDT despite the high cortisol. That is something I am worried about. I plan to stay on 1/4 dose for a couple of weeks and then add another quarter for four weeks, then test.

  • I didn't bother re-testing to be honest. I just went by how I felt. I kept up with the vit c and ditched the adaptogens and all the other things I had bought to bring it down. I was going mad trying to fix it which was stressing me further. you'll find your own way x

  • Hope so. Seems like a long way off from here!

  • Isn't that the truth Fitzy. I'm splitting my 2 gr of Thiroyd. Sick of wasting money on adaptogens. Did order L glutamine for leaky gut. LOL never give up.

  • i have high cortisol and my dr said not to take any glandular supplements but i am on ndt. i was wired on the glandular supplement and stopped..she said to exercise, sleep 8 hours, and relax more.....

  • i also lost that wired hyper feeling when i stopped that supplement

  • jacrjacr,

    Which one did you take?

  • i was on one by xymogen adrenal support with vitamins and herbs but also had glandulars...funny a dr put me on it and then another dr took me off when he tested to see i was having high cortisol and he said it was ok to take but not with the glandulars in it....just something to remember

  • I am taking Nutri Adreset, which is herbal adaptogens. Seems to be doing OK.Not nocticed any hyper symptoms after two weeks on it.

  • Wow what wonderful advice ...........for any normal healthy person ! 🙄

    I think I'll try that ....I'll be good as new in no time !

    Let's all try it 🙈🙉

  • Just trying to stay positive Susan-mac

  • Fitzy - where do you get your thiroid from? I doubt my doctor would even consider switching me onto it to try

  • Good for you. You're giving me hope. Thanks.

  • 4VRHealthy,

    As you were used to T3 you don't need to titrate Thiroyd and can start on 2 grains which is equivalent to 50mcg T3.

  • Thank you. You're a blessing.

  • I take thiroyd and T3 and feel very well on the combination.

  • Thank you but I need to lower the T3 anyway and Thiroyd is 4:1 T4/T3 so I'm hoping that works.

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