BH blood test results - grateful for advice please

BH blood test results - grateful for advice please

I recently posted for the first time and your responses were extremely helpful. Following on from your advice I requested a Vit D and a T4 test but was told by my GP that I had already had my fair share of blood tests and my results are perfect anyway! I decided to use the thyroid + 11 test from BH and here are my results. I've taken Seaside Suzies excellent advice and adopted a gluten free diet, I'm supplementing with D3, gentle iron with Vit C and B12 with a B complex. I would just like to feel as perfect as my GP thinks I do. I'm so pleased that I found this site.

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Ziggyg Oh wow! You've already had your fair share of blood tests! Unbelievable! These pompous gits of GPs never cease to amaze me.

You're addressing your vits and mins so that's good. Are you taking K2-MK7 as well as D3? Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs it to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. What dose of D3 are you taking?

Are the same units of measurements used for both B12 tests? Your BH test shows B12 lower than your previous test. You might want to increase your B12 to 5000mcg daily for a couple of months to boost it then drop back to 1000mcg daily.

You have both thyroid antibodies! Your TPO Abs have reduced a bit since your last post but now you know you have TG Abs as well. Have you gone gluten free? Did you get any selenium? Both will help reduce the antibody attacks.

Thanks once again for your reply. I'm taking 2000iu for Vit D. I'm not taking K2-Mk7 or Selenium but I will be ordering from Amazon today. Is it ok to introduce all these supplements together? The units of measurement for B12 are the same so I will increase my dose as you suggested. It's very interesting that my TSH level has deceased from 2.7 to 1.8 despite an early morning/fasting blood test with BH. Many thanks. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sorry, I forgot to say that I have adopted a gluten free diet

Ziggyg If it was me, I would increase your Vit D a bit. I got mine stabilised on 150 but still took 5000iu alternate days. I've just repeated my Vit D test today with City Assays to see where it is now as I dropped down to 5000iu 3 days a week in the summer, we need more on the winter so I'm checking it now. I know we're all different but I'd try to get yours up to 100 ASAP then try and keep it there.

Looking at both your TSH tests, the ranges are different so the only way to compare is to work out how far through the range you are. With your first test you were 51% through the range, and with your BH test you are 39% through the range. So yes, your latest test does show your TSH is lower but you do have Hashi's so your results will fluctuate, plus TSH will naturally fluctuate to some extent.

Well done on adopting a gluten free diet and for addressing your Vit and Min levels. Introduce the supplements one at a time, give it a week or so before introducing the next one just so you can identify any adverse reaction to a specific supplement.

Many thanks for your invaluable advice. You could certainly teach my GP a thing or two ๐Ÿ™‚

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