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Blood test results ...but not tested for everything!

Hi all

I first posted a few days ago as I have been struggling to cope with tingling sensations in my fingers toes on right side and also right side of my mouth. Also noticed hair thining and eyebrows falling out. So last blood test I was told it was being tested for a whole batch of things ...but nope it was just thyroid function again and states T4 is at 14.9 pmol/L but TSH is at 6.4 mU/L so above the range. At my appointment I told doc that I was concerned my problems could be with the parathyroid so testing for things like calcium ferretin folate etc could be the way forward. So now have had to book another blood test to finally get it sorted home and doc actually called me back to say she had looked at my results again and turns out I am vitamin d deficient so she gonna write up some medication but also wants me to go through more tests. So does it follow that with a vitamin d deficiency I could also be calcium deficient and this could be due to hypoparathyroid and the cause of the tingling in such specific places as fingers toes and around my mouth?

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How bad is your vitamin D deficiency? Vitamin D deficiency can cause tingling in fingers and toes, random other places and contribute to hair loss.

Generally vitamin D deficiency isn't linked with calcium deficiency, as your body retains it's calcium levels by your bones breaking down. The bone profile test consisting of calcium levels, alkaline phosphatase and sometimes potassium levels is just to confirm that this is the case.

In addition if you have inadequate levels of vitamin B12 and/or ferritin and/or other iron problems this could be the cause as well of your symptoms as well. The doctor will not treat you if these are in range so make sure you get the results so you can self treat to optimal levels.

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Hi thank u for the reply ...when doc spoke to me on the phone she said vitamin d was at 33 and that it should be more like 70 and above. Also way back in June when I ended up in hospital due to tingling and actual loss of movement in my right arm, the doctors found I had low potassium and gave me some Sando K medication (yuk). After 4 days worth I had to have a repeat blood test which suggested I was still slightly under but only by 0.1 so no more medication was prescribed. So today I am picking up vitamin d meds but also having yet another blood test to include calcium folate ferritin and magnesium I think ...and anything else they can think of while they are at it! I did see my hairdresser who could tell my hair was suffering and agreed vitamin d could be the culprit so am hopeful the meds will do the trick ..instead of covering up the problem with anti epilepsy drugs as a neurologist suggested!


Your vitamin D level should be 75nmol/L or greater to be optimal where you live. However thyroidUK, the charity that run this forum, recommend 100nmol/L like a lot of other vitamin D advocates. So you are going to have to self-medicate once you get to around 70 as the NHS doesn't pay for people to have vitamin and mineral supplements to keep them at optimal levels.

Minerals like magnesium and calcium are tightly regulated by the body as they are needed by essential organs like the heart to keep you alive, so you are unlikely to be very deficient unless you have a serious disease.

Anyway create a new thread with all the results and ranges when you have the test results to get advice on how to get levels up to optimal.


Hi Meebeesoo, I'm sort of in the same position as you at the moment. Feeling knackered, can't concentrate, feeling spaced out and tingling in my hands (sometimes nausea and headaches). They have done my thyroid test and although on this site people say my thyroid is struggling the doctor as part of the guidelines says I'm normal. Had my vit d, b12, ferritin, folate done too: folate and b12 a bit low so self-supplementing. Currently vit d deficient also (46 but not sure on the units) he doesn't think this is the cause of my symptoms but is wanting to test my PTH. He didn't mention about my calcium being tested too which would tell them if you are primary or secondary hyperparathyroid or even hypo parathyroid so I am going to make sure they do that at the same time. Vit D deficiency doesn't necessarily mean low calcium, it could mean high calcium and the vit d has been lowered by the body to stop absorbing as much which can lead to illness. Hope you get the answers you need from the doctor, would love to hear how you get on.


B12 needs to be around 1000 ,lack of causes tingling in limbs.


You are also hypo with a TSH of 6.4. That would cause hair-loss, and loss of eyebrows.


Hi again I have just contacted my gp surgery regarding blood test and I am gobsmacked as OK for calcium, b12, and I think they did folate and ferratin too so am hoping the tingling that is as strong as ever is as a result of vitamin d (33) along with hypothyroid (tsh 6.4). As I only just started the vitamin d tablets I presume it takes time to get levels back to normal and the dammed tingle will fade the more I take? As I also have complex regional pain syndrome it seems far to easy to just put every new symptom down to that etc. I have made an app to see original gp to see if recent neurologist report has landed yet and confirm I will not be taking carbemazepine to cover up tingling! Oh and worse still I so fed up I have eaten a Milly way and messed up today's diet!


Ask for a copy of your blood test results. Normal could mean anything when the word comes out of the mouth of a doctor.

If your ferritin was 15 with a reference range of 15 - 150, well, that's normal as far as a doctor is concerned. You probably wouldn't feel well, but you'd still be "normal".

Ask for the results including reference ranges. Receptionists have to ask for permission to print out results, so you may have to go back the next day. When you have them post them in a new post and ask for feedback.


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