Hashimotos..Pulling my hair out - yes, bad joke I know.

Hello again everyone. My computer has gone bonkers on me, so I'm running only in Safe Mode, so I do hope this does post.

These are my latest blood test results, and if anyone could PLEASE help me I would be ever so grateful. I went to another DR and he gave me a script for another load of tests and some of them are in French, but I hope you know what I mean.

TSH * 0,21 (0,27 - 4,20)

FT3 3,8 (3,1 - 4,20)

FT4 17.3 (12 - 22)

AC Anti Thyroperoxydase * 228 (inf. 34)

AC Anti-Thyroglobuline 12 (inf 115)

Parathormone Intacte 58,6 (15-65)

I'm worried, very much so, as this sleeping is just going beyond anything I have ever known. I mean how can anyone possibly sleep for 15 hours a day. I'm eating well, when I'm awake, and that's it.

Just found this too:-

Vitamin D3 & D2 114 (75-150)

Folates (vit B9) 15,19 (8,83 - 60,8)

Vitamin B12 164 (145- 569)

This is just bizzare, why has my TSH dropped like that? and what do the other test results mean? There is in my opinion no way that I'm going Hyper, as I'm sleeping too much, however I must add, I can eat what I want and not gain any weight anymore, which frankly is a pleasure. I'm taking 100mg per day of Levo. I upped it this morning to 125, as I'm so damn fed up and I really wanted a cup of tea, without the waiting for 30 mins- 60 mins without anything else but water.

What on earth is going wrong with me, my Son looked horrified yesterday when I was in bed by 6PM. He said to me that he had only seen me for 3 hours, there is zero food in the house, as my Husband is trying so hard to make ends meet - and working like a horse. I give in, I really do. Please escuse any spelling errors, working in Safe Mode is rather unusual.

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Well, you can forget this morning's dose then! You really, really must wait an hour!

Apart from that, the TSH is irrelevant. Forget it. Of course you're not 'hyper', nor over-medicated, look at that T3. It's only just over mid-range, when most people need it up near the top of the range to feel well. That's why you're tired - well one of the reasons, anyway.

The other reason is your low B12 and folate. That B12 is so low, I personally think you ought to be tested for Pernicious Anemia, but your doctor will probably disagree, because it is 'in range' - just. In any case, one way or another, you must get that higher. Optimal is 1000, so you have a long way to go. And, your body isn't going to be able to use the levo until you get your B12 up. Plus, anything under 500 will probably cause irreparable neurological damage.

Vitamin D3 & D2 114 (75-150) isn't very helpful, I'm afraid. What was the D3 level?

I don't know Grey, that is what it says on the Lab results regarding the D3. I have been out shopping, so sorry for the delay in replying, and I have bought some Vitamin B12 complex. I was just too fed up this morning to be bothered to wait 30mins, so it should be one hour? Good grief. Right, so I need to be tested for P.Anemia too?

I have to be honest, I feel totally wiped out.

Oh, Santamonica, what have you bought? B12 and B complex are two different tablets. There would never be enough B12 in a B complex. You need at least 5000 mcg - possibly more. You should really be having injections, but you'd have to talk to your doctor about that. You really must show him that result and ask him to test you for Pernicious Anemia.

Besides, it's difficult to find the right B12 in shops - most of us buy our supplements on Amazon. Have you bought methylcobalamin (the one you need) or cyanocobalamin (which is difficult to absorb)?

Did it not give a result for vit D2 and a result for vit D3? It usually does, and then gives the joint result underneath.

I'm not surprised you feel wiped out with that low T3 and low B12. Did you not get your ferritin tested? That's probably low, too, and that would make you feel very, very tired.

Sorry Grey, I was just in panic station mode, and just picked them up. I can barely read the label to see what type they are, from what I can see with my double vision, is frankly nothing written down. Well this is going to be interesting asking my DR for a P. A test, as I'm within the ranges (big sigh).

Regarding the Vitamin D test, this is exactly how it's written down.

VITAMINE 25 OH D3 ET D2 and then the results as written above.

No I was not tested for ferritin either. I know for a fact that many women I know with MS have low B12, and are given regular injections, but they are in the USA. Would it be possible for you to give me (if it's allowed) the name of a jolly good Vitamin B12 please? Oh, and by the way, (even though it nearly killed me :D) I did wait the full hour before my first cup of tea.

Well done you!!!

Most people buy their vit B12 on Amazon, as I said, and on Amazon you can get a good one by Jarrow or by Solgar - 1000 mcg and 5000 mcg. You want sublingual methylcobalamin, And, on Amazon, you can magnify the label so that you can read the ingredients!

If you are interested in self-injecting with B12, you should speak to Marz. She's our local B12 expert, and will be able to help you.

But, whatever you chose to do, you need to take a B complex with it. Once again, you can find good ones on Amazon : Jarrow, Solgar, Thorne. The ingredients should include methylcobalamin and methylfolate. The bad ingredients, that you should avoid, are cyanocobalamin and folic acid. :)

Oh dear these reply boxes are getting smaller. I have found Nu U on Amazon, and it's 1000 ug, is that any good? Yes, you are correct, the Vitamin complex I bought yesterday does contain all the bad ingredients that you mentioned above. This Nu U is sublingual too. When do I take it, I mean like before or after food?

1000 isn't nearly enough. You need at least 5000, like this :


As it's sublingual, you let it dissolve under your tongue, it doesn't matter when you take it. In fact, it would be difficult to take with food, given that it stays under your tongue.

Don't forget, you also need a B complex with it. Such as this one :


You need to keep the Bs balanced, as they all work together. :)

Now this getting really small :) I have clicked on your links, and they don't blinking well deliver to France!

Go onto Amazon.fr. They have more or less the same things. Sorry, I forgot you were in France, or I would have sent links to Amazon.fr.

Yes it's me down here :) could you please Grey send me the links to Amazon France, as I have tried to type it in and I'm not getting anywhere, and I know your French is far superiour than mine :)



You do not need to be able to speak French to search for something on Amazon, you just type in the name. I just typed in methylcobalamin 5000 mcg, and up it came!

Thank you so much, my eyes are so tired, I have been bawling all day - so I'm not concentrating. I have ordered the first link you sent. do I need to order the second one as well?

Yes, as I explained, you need to take a B complex - the second link - to keep the Bs balanced, because they all work together. If you just take one isolated B, it won't work as well as it will when all the Bs are present.

Thank you so much Grey, you have no idea how much I appreciate your help, especially today. I have ordered them, and they are due to arrive on Wednesday. Once again many thanks, your great. :)

You're welcome. I just hope it helps. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. :)

Hi Grey, I know I'm posting this as an old post, but it saves me the stress of typing everything out as my old computer went belly up on so I have a new one! I have received the vitamins that you recommended for me to get, now I don't know when to take them! Can you help me please?

Hi Greygoose. Why do you say "The bad ingredients, that you should avoid, are cyanocobalamin and folic acid" when lots of supplements have folic acid in them, and folic acid is promoted as essential for pregnant lasses?

Do you have sources for the info, please?

I made the same mistake as SantaMonica in past, so thanks for posting the warning, and the links for the good stuff.

I have posted articles on folic acid before, you can find them on my profile. The case against cyanocobalamin is often presented on here.


Thank you Grey for literally leading me by the nose on Thursday, you have no idea how much I appreciated it. I just was not thinking straight at all. PS, I have filled in my profile, is it not showing up?

Nope. :-(

Just the default Hi! I’m SantaMonica2002.

You're welcome, SM. Glad to help. :)

Did you forget to click on 'Save'?

Hi Grey, I have received the tablets that you kindly gave me the links for, now I don't know when to take them - :[ I need leading by the nose again, as My St Bernard passed away yesterday, so I'm an emotional wreck.

I am so sorry for you St Bernard. That is so sad. Of course you are an emotional wreck! And maybe it's not the right time, just now, to start new things. Allow yourself time to grieve.

But, when you're ready, as the B12 is sublingual, you just let it dissolve under your tongue, and it doesn't touch your digestive system, so you can take it any time.

The B complex needs to be taken with food, at least 2 hours away from levo - so lunch or dinner would be good. x

I just posted a question..oh dear. I know Troy was 9 though, he had a good life, but heck, it's still a shock when they go. Thank you for the advice Grey, so I can my sublingual anytime? like in the morning? and then wait to take the other 2 hours later, have I got this right?

Yes, that's right.

Unfortunately, the bigger the dog, the shorter their life span. And it is a shock when they go. It leaves a terrible gap in our lives. I've had several dogs over my life - don't like living without a dog - so I know what it's like. Big, big hugs. x

Thank you Grey. I really mean it. I'm trying to hold it all in, as I can't afford to have another MS relapse, so I'm trying to stay as calm as I can, I also know that it's not good for Hashi's as well - the stress :(

Stress isn't good for Hashi's, no. But repressing your grief is a form of stress, so allow yourself to grieve.

OK. I never knew that. If I start, I don't know if I'll be able to stop. However, I understand what your saying Grey. Bisous.

Bonjour SantaMonica. Tip for troublesome computers. I sometimes type my "posts" on a word document first, and then copy and paste it into a reply box. That way, I don't need to be on-line for long, and I can dig out things to include, eg web links, without losing the post as I'm doing it.

Merci Greenwall. Running in safe mode is driving me bonkers. That is a jolly good idea, thanks for the advice on that. You have obviously picked up the problems I'm having, and today is a very bad day for me as it's the anniversary of my Sisters death, hence the reason I have been bawling my eyes out. So looking at my computer screen and trying to type is a good challenge to say the least. Merci encore.

No wonder you felt rubbish. Anniversaries can take people by surprise with the feelings that are attached to them. I hope you feel better soon.

I really want to say thank you for your support and kind words. It's been a tough ride. Take care.

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