My update. Progress so far. Do I have Hashimotos? Any info be cool?

Hiya. So Ive been on 50mg levo for a while as my TSH was around 5.5 I think and I just recently been tested again and my level is at 3.7. She said to continue on the 50mg. I been having tummy troubles with anything higher. Also my TPOantibodies came back at 300 high. Does this mean that my thyroid problem is caused by immune system Hashimotos or not? I dont know alot about how to tell. My mum has a thyroid prob but not sure if hers is Hashis or not. Am I on the right track with my meds do you think. I think my free thyroxine was 14. any advice for me would be greatly appreciated. I not noticed alot of difference in how I feel yet but it may take time. x oh yeah im in uk so it would be uk ranges i fink.

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  • Your tpo antibodies are suggestive of hashimotos!!! Which is autoimmune, I have found out through my own research that no meds will help autoimmune d having said that you will have a honey moon period where you will feel fine , then after weeks go back to the old symptoms. Google Dr Clarke Dallas. X

  • Do you have hashis? Interesting as looking back at my old tsh which they apparently said where in goes from 2 up to 4.3 then back to 2.2 again like It goes in phases of attack like you said....interesting...thanks x

  • Yes I do have hashimotos, swinging high and low. This is what happens leaving specialist scratching there heads. Hope I have answered your concern x

  • thanks x

  • With Hashimotos it is best to be gluten free - as it is with any auto-immune illness. Healing the gut is VERY important and will increase your ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients and of course the medication....

    Often TFT's will be in range with Hashimotos so it is important to look at the support systems - B12 VitD Folates Ferritin Iron - they all need to be HIGH in their ranges. There is a Browse by Category on the Right of this page - click onto Hashimotos. Lots of Reading ! Also on the Main Thyroid UK website....

    Good Luck....your tummy troubles could be linked to the treatment waking up the gut if you have been Hypo for a long time. Many feel better when their TSH is around 1. The gut is where most of the cells for the immune system are. I have Hashi's and Crohns but feeling well........learnt so much from reading on this forum and the links that are suggested by others.

  • Hiya. Im not fully gluten free but I eat gluten free bread all the time. I do think I am a little gluten sensitive so thats why I cut down. Im taking a vit d supplement as I know last I was tested I was really low. I also take iron but not regularly. How can I find out if Im b12 deficient...will the doc test this? What are folates? I take selenium tho. Ill read what you said to read. Glad you are feeling a bit better it is tough having thyroid with other things (my husbands sister has Crohns and fibro)...I stuggle with fibromyalgia for eight years but now I think its cos noone knew I had Hashi and it been affecting me silently for many years and gave me fibro....thanks for your advice ...take care x

  • Hi , just to add, fybromyalgia in my opinion, is either the result of a injury not being properly diagnosed and low thyroid symptoms. Thyroid and fybro have the same symptons, however because the TSH is normal, you get a diagnoses if fybromyalgia. If you have a UN diagnosed injury, for example like me, had chest injury wasn't properly diagnosed, this had a knick on effect on different body parts, with hashi in the mix, labelled with fybromyalgia. Xx

  • thanks for your input x

  • You can't be a little bit gluten free. Its an all or nothing situation. A little bit of gluten will irritate your gut and cause reaction if you are coeliac or gluten sensitive.

  • but isnt it possible that their are varying degrees of gluten sensitivity? I dunno. I dont think Im greatly sensitive. I tried an online test for celiac and it came back negative....I actually feel a bit healthier since stopping eating bread so its better than nothing. Thanks for your input tho x

  • Yes the Doc will test the B12 and the result needs to be at the top of the range - so do not accept your Doc saying it's fine. Always obtain copies of all your test results so you can monitor your improvements. It's also about taking control of your health. Fibro is linked to LOW T3 - which often happens with Hashimotos sufferers - myself included. The gut lining demands lots of T3 so if the gut is not healthy then absorption will be poor. You must decide how well you want to be and tackle it head on with the Gluten Free Lifestyle. It's probably the gluten that has been affecting you for years - causing the Hashi/fibro scenario.

    Your sister-in-law with Crohns needs to have her VitD tested and the result should be high in the range. There is an article about Crohns and VitD on Pop the title into the Search's also can be started by gluten.

    There is a conference on-line soon - The Gluten Summit - by Dr Tom O'Bryan - Stage 2. Google it and have a read - if you register you can listen to some of the excellent speakers from before Christmas.

    Good Luck and keep on reading :-)

  • Thanks for your advice...x

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