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Right Hemithyroidectomy

Hello All,

Just off to hospital an hours drive away for Panendoscopy and biopsy and a Right Hemithyroidectomy. It's only been a year of extreme pain in my neck and seen a zillion gp's, trips to A&E, an ambulance, private consultant, Mri scans, ct scans, ultrasounds, steroids, antibiotics, up the scale if painkillers to morphine etc etc. The list goes on. I have Hashimotos which was finally recognised when I went private.

Sorry for the rant. I'll message when I'm home in a couple of days.

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I hope everything goes well and you have a good recovery.


Thank you Clutter.

Turns out it was a mass between my right thyroid and jugular vein. They got it all out and sent off for testing. Left the thyroid for now as looked okay. Depending on results.

2 hr surgery and 2 hrs in recovery as pain was immense. A lovely dressing hiding the scar and bruising. Very sore.

Good news is I'm home now resting.

Consultant confirmed I'm going between hypo and hyper but all should settle. May have been this mass as well as hashimotos making things a bit crazy. I'm still on levothyroxine for now.

You just never know. But I'm glad I persisted with these doctors who dismiss you all the time because they can't see pain. Whatever the mass is it shouldn't be in there. All will become clear I'm sure.

Thanks again.



Glad they got it all. I hope it turns out to be a benign mass.

Take care of yourself.


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