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Hi. New to this forum and wondering if someone can answer a question for me please. Had a hemithyroidectomy in Feb this yr for poss cancer (it wasnt) but had a few symptoms since-nothing major yet-just some back, hip and stomach aches. Just wondering about asking to be put on low dose of thyroxine, eg 25mg, but worrying that if its not really needed that it may cause the remaining gland to stop working properly and 'atrophy'. My Tsh has risen from 0.66 to 1.66 but Ft4 seems to be around the same at 16. Think Ft3 around mid range. Have been devastated by this unnecessary op (no probs with thyroid function prev) and wondering if low dose of thyroxine would be helpful to prevent ill health escalating but dont want to suppress function of remaining gland. Would appreciate any insight. Thanks.

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I suspect Dr Peatfield would treat you with iodine

others will know better


You could make sure your Thyroid function is optimised by checking vital minerals, and supplementing if neccessary, (Irons, ferritin folate & B12 and Vit D for starters) some folk also take NutriT.

I had a partialT 4 years ago due to a 'dodgy' nodule, my TSH soon rose over 5 and I had raised TPO antibodies (you could ask for antibody tests). Your TSH is still quite low - GPs won't usually treat unless over 10 (perhaps over 5 with antibodies). Have you a ref range for FT4?

I was told half a Thyroid was like having one kidney, it would compensate - I think it does for some. I had the same concern that my limited thyroid function would be impared, as the pituitary adjusts hormone production to suit, but was not offered treatment anyway.

best wishes J :D

anyone not signed the petition yet?

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Thanks v much for reply Spare ribs. Have you not been treated at all, and if not, is that because you're ok? I have never felt so devastated and worried about my future health and wish there was better testing for suspected cancer other than to rip half the thyroid out. (There is in America). I feel like I am waiting to become ill and have no peace of mind. If they do this to us, we shouldn't have to fight to be treated optimally. Am more traumatised than have ever been in my life. Just didn't want lifelong condition, especially for no reason. Also have nodules on other side and am worried about them growing. Am trying to optimise vits and minerals. Also on anti anxiety and anti depressants as not coping well.


Yes I wish I knew more before agreeing to an op, yet it seemed better out than in at the time!

You could try asking your GP for Levo to help your struggling Thyroid, a trial - but I very much doubt they would with a low TSH - (get tested first thing in the morning as that's when TSH is highest btw).

I found out Vit D sorted my joint pain, felt 'brighter'& less fatugue, checked irons & B12 - unfortunately I supplemented B12 before testing - so due to get tested again ....

My GP insists I'm depressed (3 now - it must be in my notes) so I asked for a blood test for it last time (lol!) I still have palpitations & 'scaredy' doom-like feelings but now I know these are just symptoms...

As my TSH remained high & FT4/FT3 on the low side, I decided to trial NDT early Dec - I do feel better but not quite there yet, I haven't sorted other things out either. My reckoning is if I was poorly for years, it's going to take awhile to get better, plus my memory is dreadful.

J :D x


Thanks for the info. I think an endo may be more likely to prescribe than G.P. Point is, we shouldn't have to put up with joint pain etc. We should be monitored and treated properly. They don't tell u about the ongoing quality of life issues after such an op. I really think thyroid patients are treated appallingly. When u say Ndt do u mean armour or nutri-thyroid and are u self medicating? Would give anything to have not had op-was not given enough info to make an informed decision and am going to try suing when feel stronger. Feel they have ruined my life :-( Suffering badly with depression and anxiety at mo. Thks for your advice. X


Sorry. Something wrong with my mobile! Did not mean to reply so many times!!!


I think I have now deleted all the extra posts, Salsa. XX


Lol, me too Marram. Wondered why some of the deletes didn't register.


How dreadful for you! I see you're contemplating legal action. And no wonder. Words fail me.


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