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Private Health Care, yeah right!!!

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was diagnosed hypo back in 2004 due to the beta blocker AMIORDERONE!

Have been fighting for the last year to see an endo. My G.P says OH, we don't refer we treat in house. Was on 50mcg of Levo (the wonder drug that treats all) for all of this time (2004-2013). Had asked to increase Levo as gaining info on this site that 50mcg is a starting dose, feeling so low, the 3.00pm crash, 5 stone extra in weight etc etc .........

G.P refused to increase dose ' you are in range' an emphatic NO!!!!!!

Changed G.P went in armed with my bits of knowledge picked up from this site, Dr Tofts book. Stop the thyroid madness & Mary Shomon book etc.

My request, please can you refer me to an Endo. 'We treat inhouse'. You are in range!!!

Ok then refer me privately, found a reputable endo from this site. All going good so I thought....

Ring up my private medical insurance (AXA-PPI) only to be told.......wait for it NOOOOOO!!!!! your G.P is managing your condition.

Any suggestions from anyone gratefully received before I smash my head against the wall....


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I suggest that the special case of amiodarone caused thyroid disorder is something that should be seen by a consultant. This is clearly stated for several months after treatment - but if yours was caused by that, I think it should continue to be specialist.

Make sure the doctor is aware of the amiodarone connection. Then ask for a referral. Might help.


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Rosie2 in reply to helvella

Thanks Rod, will give it a try. Enjoy the test of your evening. Kind regards

I would argue that the GP is not managing your condition whatsoever, and that you feel extremely ill and need to see a specialist in the condition, as is your right.

A GP is Jack of all trades, master in none. And there lies the problem.

Good luck hun

Ann xxx

mesage back to Ann, I have tried clicking on the link 'reply to this' but it's not working......

I argued my point very strongly with AXA stating that I have been like this for years and not getting any better. I also argued the point that a G.P. is a G.P. not a specialist. DEAF ears, If I was in front of the lady on the phone I'm sure it wouldn't have taken much for me to have my hands round her throat. She was so smug and just kept saying your G.P. is managing your condition and would not accept that my G.P. isn't!!!!

Unfortunately I get lost for words and beaten down very easily these days. Will now go back to my G.P and ask for a referral on the NHS. Do wish me luck.

I have got to the stage where I just feel like It is pointless.

Thanks Anne x

Hi I spend my life fighting the insurance companies, However, it is all in your wording. You have to say thee best thing,!!!!! First if seeing a Cardio ( as sounds like you should be) then, they recognise that lack of the correct thyroid treatment can cause harm, Also that Ami lowers the thyroid, ie Hypo. They should give you a tertiary referral to someone good. Tertiary better for insurance ,usually , and quicker, and they refer you to someone they trust. If under cardio, then all mine ,over many years for very serious heart conditions. Have always said any heart problem, essential you are under an Endo. Also tell the insurance, GP out of their depths and he ( GP) want you to have the referral you need.

That with luck will do it. They still will not cover long term ,chronic treatment, but acute until under control.Alternative is to see an Endo anyway, of your choice with referral, and ask them to aks the GP to do all tests etc, they automatically write and tell GP what to treat you with etc.

I hope that helps.


Not sure if you know, to reply to a post click on "Reply to this" under that post.

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Rosie2 in reply to Jackie

Jackie, thank you so much for your advice. Since coming off ami In 2004 had a pacemaker/defib implanted. Don't see the heart consultant, just have a recording taken via an interrogation device at home. Maybe its time I asked to see my heart consultant? Will ring AXA again and plead my case. Not very optimistic though. Will update soon. G.P Friday morn app. Thanks again. What would we all do without this invaluable site. Take care and enjoy your day x

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Jackie in reply to Rosie2

Hi Do you mean an ICD? I have one but still on all the drugs imaginable, 4 arrests,terrible electrolytes, severe MV and JVP, and 2 MI`s and more. However I have always had to see my cardio nearly every wee ( some I pay myself ,just in case!) and more importantly have the ICD checked 3 monthly, standard practice. It sounds to me that you have been missed on the system,. An ICD helps but is not all.,I an with AXA, they are worse than they were, I am critically ill with 12 co -morbidities, so you can imagine the problems I have,t oo ill, do not want to know! However, having a big battle at the moment re polycystic kidney and liver disease, too early to tell, but certainly looking better than a week ago. I always deal with the top man there. He says different to a lot of them , who do not understand medicine. I was also long ago told, if you think the reply is wrong, phone again and get a new advisor. re Heart and cancer, they are listed separately on mine and most policies, they are covered always with and ICD etc and for replacements, mine cost £20,000 lot dearer now, + 10 days in hospital. I hope that helps. Get out your policy too, I would imagine your heart and cancer listed differently as a new policy from last year.I certainly would see a cardio too.It is often the bad standard of medicine. All my consultants say that I need to know as much as them on my conditions as I am in hospital every 1 or 2 months, I have to go in one of the top ones and still often have to instruct even Cardio consultants! Had lots of lethal mistakes so I keep in charge, not so good when in a Coma!!

Let me know,

You can always send me a PM, click on my name.

Your GP can refer you to a Private Consultant just as they can refer you to the others. I would put it in writing that you want a second opinion from a qualified Endo expert. I'd do 2 or more copies, one to give the Dr, one for the Practice Manager or Senior Partner.

Ask and put it that you are requesting to be referred to a fully qualifed Endo for a second opinon. If NOOOO comes back

Then say with regret I hand this to you my written request for you to do so and I will also be handing in another for the Practice Manager with a complaint about your refusual to treat appropriately, refer me to a qualifed Endo to gain the treatment I need, and also you deny me my right to have a second opinion.

That should bring him down a peg or 2.

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Do what many are forced to do, self medicate.

I know you shouldn't have to, but maybe it would be worth paying to be seen privately by an Endo. What price is our health. Also, I am interested to see you have a 5st weight gain. I too have gained 5st in 2 yrs and feel like I am living in a different body. Still struggling to get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism but my GP told me that any thyroid caused weight gain would be small if at all.

Sorry Rosie, I didnt realise this post was 10 months old! Brain fog im afraid, just ignore me.

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