Good news story re NDT

Hello all.

First 6 weeks on NDT.

TSH gone from 26.9 to 0.05 ( so need to decrease slightly ) Got up to 2 Grains and been on that dose for just a week from 1.75 Grains.

I am so so happy as T4 in range as well . ( from 6.5 to 11.60) T3 fine : ( 4.3 )

So that was my first 6 weeks on med and I'm self monitoring and consulting with doc P sporadically .

I get blood tests done at GP but bypass any discussion and it's going well.

I only use natural products and eat healthily, exercise and feel great.

We can heal peeps - trust your own processes . I know things could change but for now I'm sharing what I feel to be a good news story.

Much love xxx

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  • So pleased for you!!

  • Katoir,

    T4 and T3 are within range so you are not over medicated and there is no need to reduce dose because TSH is low.

  • Oh ThankYou .

    That is very helpful ! I was considering reducing from 2 to 1.75 for a week before speaking to Doctor Peatfield (next Friday) because I've only been up to 2 Grain in the last week and was increasing gradually. Does that make a difference to your advice ?

    It's interesting on the blood result printout the gp ( who I haven't spoken with) had written "suggest reduce thyroxine dose"


  • Katoir,

    The suggestion to "reduce thyroxine dose" comes from a doctor who assumes you are taking Levothyroxine and that TSH guides dose.

    Your FT4 and FT3 are low in range so my advice doesn't change.

  • ThankYou

    I can now begin to see if I got pregnant how challenging it might be on NDT with their ideas of optimum ranges etc. I am sorting thyroid myself before I try to conceive again.

    Thanks again .

    Ps: I speak to doc p in another week so will stay on 2 grain until then . That will be a total of 14 days on 2 grain . Amazing I've only been on NDT for 6 weeks and such changes after trying so hard holistically for so long ! )

  • Katoir,

    Good luck. Most endocrinologists in UK will try to persuade you to take Levothyroxine when you are pregnant until you are delivered.

  • My TSH is non existent on NDT, I dose entirely on free T3 and how I feel.

  • Thanks Ruthi.

  • I'm glad you are doing so well on NDT and I don't know why it isn't prescribed more freely when patients don't feel good on levo.

    However, just in case - the following article was sent to the BTA and RCoP and neither acknowledged it, despite 3 yearly reminders being sent to BTA. They obviously ignore scientific info that doesn't suit their guidelines whilst patients can remain unwell on levo and they don't even try an alternative to relief symptoms..

  • Thanks Shaws. I think I may have that in my file as if I'm challenged I want to be prepared with good solid evidence for taking NDT over Levo.

    If my memory serves me correctly that study points out the errors in the Levo being superior argument.

    Haven't had time to read over but have forwarded to my personal email in case it's not the one.

    It's really nice to find another well informed person who has done some research which is very much my style on all areas of health .

    Thanks so much for sharing Shaws.

  • Great to hear this!

    I have been self medicating on NDT for just over a week now I am just on 0.75 grain (I was only on 75mg Levo) I am pinning my hopes on this so happy to ready your story

  • Oh - wishing you much good luck Gillybean !!!!!

  • Thanks x Was a hard thing to do x

  • I bet . Gives you more control over your own health and body in the long term. X

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