Feeling good

Well it's been 3 weeks since I'd taken my first grain of thiroyd, & quickly having to increase to 1 &1/2 grains in the first week.. Since then I've taken it slower by increasing again by 1/4 grain to 1 & 3/4 grains & I now feel good ... Just had blood taken for parathyroid but I'm seeing some light, so much so I was dancing & singing to Adam & the ants while making the lunches for t'morra.. Don't think I even did that before I was ill... feeling those pains turning Into aches , my skin feels softer than it's ever been & my energy has krept up & bitten me on the backside... Im getting better! :-)

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  • Rudegirl, good to hear NDT is working for you. First time I've heard it's caused an outbreak of singing and dancing. Hope you didn't trash the kitchen while you were prancing around :-D

  • Even washed the dishes I used.. Ha! :-)

  • Fabulous. Remember small steps at a time, blips are still possible but hoping it just gets better & better.

  • Yeh, I don't expect every day to be a good day.. I've had more good days in the last 2 weeks than I've had in years.. It's all been down to the advice & guidance I've had here from everyone.. Thank you everyone! :-)

  • so very pleased for u :) an may it go on .......

  • Thankyou! :-)

  • How are you getting on? Still on the up?

  • Hi sorry.. Yeh on the up, had my first blood taken on Tuesday but no word as of yet.. Had to increase to 4 grains & feeling so much better.. pains are fading, more energy & laughing loads! :-)

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