I've been taking 2 grains of Naturethroid for the past 6 weeks and am doing well (yay!) but since it comes with a hefty price tag and I'm being charged extortionate amounts for VAT and handling by Royal Mail and I can't afford to continue it (boo!). Really disappointing. So I'm going to try the NDT from Thailand. Can anyone advise me on which is the purest between Thiroyd and Thiroyd-S, i.e. fewer fillers/colours, and what the equivalent dose would be to 2 grains of Naturethroid? Also, does anyone use TR Man? I've not come across this before. Thank you.

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Lots of information about the different brands here marlathome


Apparently quite a few people do well on Thyroid-S, shame it seems to have the most fillers.


TR-Mann has been around a couple of years but I've not seen anyone on the forum post about taking it.

I've noticed over the years that ones who do badly on Thiroyd do better with Thyroid S and vice versa. Don't know why but may be the fillers. I have seen a list of the fillers so the links from SeaSideSusie may help with that.

Had a few issues transitioning from T3 only to Thiroyd from Thailand, possibly due to fillers but persevered and now the issues have resolved themselves.

I'm on Naturethroid and it costs me about £60 for three months supply, delivered. I think that's worth it for feeling well. How much are you paying?

I paid £48 or thereabouts for 100 1 grain tablets which last me 50 days at my current dose of 2 grains per day. I was charged £28 VAT plus handling by Royal Mail, hiking the cost to £76. I was informed by Royal Mail that parcels from abroad are randomly chosen by HM Customs and VAT applied which Royal Mail have to collect before the parcel is delivered and this incurs a 'handling charge'. Apparently, this can happen every time you order if you're very unlucky or just occasionally if you're slightly more fortunate. So, whilst I agree that £60 every 3 months (not sure what dose you're on and whether this includes VAT + handling Geniler) is 'worth it' to feel well, it's only 'worth it' if you can afford it and are not already struggling financially. Leaving aside the ethics of having to pay for essential medication outside the NHS - don't get me started!

I have no thyroid gland and now that my GP has stopped prescribing T3/T4 combo I have no alternative, like countless others, than to fund my own thyroid treatment without which I would grind to a total halt. I know that at 2 grains I am not yet at my optimal dose and intend increasing it gradually until I feel well. Taking Naturethroid seems, at the moment, to offer the hope that I can feel well again, after 30 years of feeling crap, so it's totally devastating that I can't afford to pay a possible £76 every 2 months, and increasing, to continue this. Hence my original question. So, once more, I have to look for more affordable alternatives and just hope that they are as effective as Naturethroid has been so far.

I take 2 grains daily and get it from Alium Medical here in the U.K.

I've never heard of Alium Medical - do you need a prescription from your GP to obtain NDT from them?

It is the new name for Pharmarama - they are specialised but are in most ways, just a pharmacy. So, yes, prescription needed.

Ok thanks, I thought so and, of course, my GP won't prescribe NDT because, he says, 'it doesn't work'.

How come anyone managed on desiccated thyroid from the 1890s until levothyroxine and liothyronine became available (1950s and 1960s)?

I know. Actually, when I first asked for NDT about 5 years ago he said he'd never heard of it. Then, after an appointment with an Endocrinologist, he changed that to 'it doesn't work', parroting what the endo said. I've tried everything to get him to at least consider it (educate himself) to no avail so I'm on my own basically. Better just get on with it I guess.

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