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Help needed with blood test results

Hi folks, looking for help with my blood test results from Medichecks I have Hashi's and I'm taking 125mcg levothyroxine every day and get B12 injections every 3 months Any help to interpret these would be appreciated

TSH 0.037 - Range 0.27-4.20

Free thyroxine 24.13 - Range 12.00-22.00

Total thyroxine (T4) 161.4 - Range 59.0-154.0

Free T3 4.49 - Range 3.10-6.80

Reverse T3 59 - Range 10.0-24.0

Thyroglobulin antibodies 76.71 - Range 0.00-115.0

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 24.74 Range 0.00-34.0

B12 778.9 - Range 191.0 - 663.0

Folate (Serum) 4.75 -Range 4.60-18.70

Vitamin D 87.78 - Range 50.0-200.0

CRP-High sensitivity 14.7 - Range 0.00-5.00

Ferritin 37.33 - Range 13.0-150.0

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Your ferritin is a bit low and it looks like you may not be converting your levo very well. I wonder if you'd do better on, say, 75 levo and 10 t3. How do you feel?

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I don't feel great to be honest but I'm better than I was six months ago when I had to fight to get levothyroxine. I've also got the cold just now so that's not helping.


Hi lenorepoole

Your folate is very low. When taking B12 (I see you are having injections and your B12 is doing OK, the aim is for 1000 which is recommended by the Pernicious Anaemia Society), you should also take a B Complex. Thorne Basic B and Jarrows B Right both contain 400mcg methylfolate which would help bring your folate level up.

Your ferritin is too low. For thyroid hormone to work properly it needs to be at least 70, preferably 100+. You can take an iron supplement, also take 1000mcg Vit C with each dose to aid absorption and help avoid constipation.

Vit D could do with boosting up to 100+. You could supplement with D3 1000iu-2000iu daily, also we need K2-MK7 with Vit D. Vit D aids absorption of calcium and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. It's also a good idea to take magnesium as most of us are low in this.

High CRP usually indicates inflammation somewhere.

Your antibodies are within range but fairly high. This doesn't confirm autoimmune thyroiditis aka Hashimoto's disease but as they are quite high it doesn't exactly rule it out either. Keep an eye on them but if you wanted to be cautious you could go gluten free which would help reduce any antibody attacks, also supplementing selenium is supposed to reduce attacks too.

Your below range TSH and over range FT4 would probably prompt your doctor to reduce your dose of levo. However, your FT3 is quite low in range, it should be in the top quarter which would be 5.9+. With your high FT4 and your low FT3 this would normally point to poor conversion. Normal ratio of FT4:FT3 for good conversion is 4:1 or less and yours is 5.37 : 1. However, your reverse T3 is high. A high FT4 and low FT3 can mean you are making rT3 instead of FT3 which could be what is happening.

I'm not very well up on high reverse T3 other than knowing that taking T3 only for a while can help clear it. If no-one else comes along with any information, it may be worth making another post about your high rT3.


Wow, thanks for the reply, that is all helpful. I was wondering about conversion issues.


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