Just a small update after 4 months of self medicating with T3. Things definitely improved for me!

Since many people here helped me starting my journey of self medicating, I would like to thank you all. After 4 months of adding T3 and lowering my dose of Levothyroxine I can say that my condition really improved. First no more pain, energy level much better, I am not tired or sleepy (at least not until midnight :) ), lost weight, hair and skin much better. Situation at work and home much better as well. And I also explained to my husband and daughter that I am not their maid and that I can help them but that I will not do all things for them (as you can see confidence better as well :) ).

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  • Wow this really gives me hope. I'm really pleased t3 is working for you and I'm sure I am in the same boat. I've just introduced t3 and I'm really hoping for the same positive results you have experienced. Hope at last! X

  • Thank you so much and good luck x

  • Thank you x

  • Hi

    I am about to start self medicating as well. How did you start? I'm on 100levo. What dose t3 shall I start on? Shall I reduce levo yo 75 straight away?? Any tips would be greatly appreciated 😊



  • Maybe you should first cut your Levo from 100 to 50 mcg and add half of a tablet of T3. I don't know do you want to go on T3 only or you want to combine T4 and T3? In a week or two I would add another half of T3 and later increase slowly always by 1/2 of tablet until I think it's enough. You can keep bit of Levo or you can stop with it, it's your choice and how you think it's better for you.

  • 50mcg is too bigger drop!

  • Depends on your latest labs. Can u post so other more experienced members can advise u.

    I stayed on 100 levo and added 5mcg t3 with it. Then after a week or so i added another 5mcg. I tested sooner than i should have done but wanted to see if my t3 had improved, and it has. Am awaiting rt3 results before i add more and cut my levo down. I believe low and slow is the way to go as i have been informed on here

  • thanks so much! I will get 25 mg tablets ...hmmm....shall I cut in quarters first...for a week, then take a half for a week and see how it goes? Staying on levo 100?

    thanks a lot

  • that's what I did yes, from advice from here, but as I said you really need to post your latest labs first so you can get better advice from the more experienced on here

  • I did it like this, but I was originally on 300 mcg of Levo, I dropped 50 by 50 mcg and increased T3. I was completely fine while going this.

  • You can cut them in quarters but I think that it is safe to start with half of the tablet.

  • Wonderful Haribobear, thanks for sharing the hope. I think it helps loads when people share things like this. I am 7 weeks in on t3 and starting to feel better. Your post makes me feel even better, thankyou :)

  • Thank you so much Pastille x

  • Thank you x

  • That's great! How do you feel now? Sorry to bother you but can you please send me link where do you get your T3. Thank you.

  • Thank you Violetcolor and thank you for asking. Knock on wood I still feel very well. Like a completely different person. I'll send you link you asked for. Good luck.

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