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Just for some clarity please re a couple of things

Hi again

Sorry to myther

I've moved on a bit and really need to sort this, it's been so long now & too often an exsistance, I remember vaguely the wonderful feeling of waking up refreshed and calm, so long ago now . . .

I've ordered a free 3 blood test and picking up my other bloods from the docs later, so if I can, il be back with All these for the experts to assess please?

But for now, please can you tell me....

Am I right in thinking that tsh Has to ALWAYS be under a 3 for maximum health?

or in some cases is a higher tsh ok if the free t3 and 4 are compatible to it??

(I know different countries have different ranges, uk being 4.6 or does it literally vary from person to person?)

Just want to understand to this level at the moment please


I'm gathering from what I've read that the free t3 is very significant, hence ordering it in the post, as the lab who gave my doctors my results haven't given the 3 at all. (naughty? ) As this is the fellow that delivers around body? Yes?

So, when I know my free t3, is this it? Is this all I really need to know? or is it again an equation of the whole thing? My brain is going so s l o w Sorry!

- And if I need t3 I gather I can buy it somewhere on line? Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for bearing with me, yes this is a wonderful site, I feel the doc I saw yesterday was a bit shocked when I said I'm following this on nhs choices, But adamant my levels are ok and told me stop seeing different doctors

Thanks again


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When I said I e ordered ft3 in post, I meant the blood test not the product 👍


If GP has not tested for thyroid antibodies, as well as vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin ask them to do so.

Always do any full thyroid test that includes TSH as early in day as possible & fasting

If blood test is just checking FT3 (or FT4) time of day and fasting are probably irrelevant.

But if you were on Thyroid medication (I know you are not at moment) you would not take Levo in 24 hours prior to test (take it straight after instead)

Anxiety it common when hypo - especially with Hashimotos, the name of autoimmune thyroid - Hashimotos is usually diagnosed by high Thyroid antibodies, but sometimes a scan of thyroid is necessary

You can have high antibodies & "normal" TSH, FT3 & FT4. Most medics consider this too mild to treat - but you can feel pretty rubbish

Gluten free diet helps many of us if we have Hashimotos

See The Thyroid Pharmacist website for more info


Hi and thanks for reply slow dragon

High Antibodies were cleared, and told I had not hassimotto,, this was my concern as have had Psirriosis on and off since age 22 and thought it may be similar as the skin cells are very rapid

But please tell me someone can you have above 3 tsh and still be 'healthy' (depending on the t3 and 4 ) ?

But yes I've felt rubbish for years now with anxiety symptoms and my test in 2010 was tsh three and now 5. so maybe there is something else causing this continual feeling that something bad is about to happen and knots in tummy regularly !

-just sending off ft3 for testing

Unsure if it acceptable as I struggled to fill pot to line! Used all the needles etc fingers crossed



Ii cant seem to get a blood test before 9.30 is this too late?


Well it's not as good as say 8.30am but as long as you don't have breakfast or tea or coffee first it's Ok

(but water is good so not dehydrated )


Psoriasis is autoimmune & if you have one autoimmune disease you are more likely to have another

Apparently not everyone with Hashimotos has high antibodies- but a scan of thyroid might show changes caused by Hashimotos instead

Susan Blum book "Immune system recovery plan" might be worth reading


You don't say whether you've already been diagnosed and taking levothyroxine (and dose).



I'd rather just find out I think rather than read (that cAn accelerate anxiety easily )

Do I need endocrenist would you say or can I pay for scan somewhere else?

I haven't got psirosis now or had it for 14 years



Ive moved area

2 doctors said my levels were ok tsh was 4.2 then, and to not take it

3 doctors (one at last place and 2 in this area, said to take levy so I took it for a few weeks and experienced horrid swimmy feelings when driving especially

So they said to stop taking it

So I've just kept muddling on

And the next question is, if I am to take it, which brand is kindest and do I have to buy it?


It was the law levy doseat 25


25 mg


A TSH of 3 is hypo, and it's very unlikely that your Frees would be high enough to make you feel well, with a TSH of 3. The reason we say it should be 1 or under, is because that's where mist people feel well. Not dictating to anyone, just advising.

Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH is irrelevant, unless it goes high. But, testing FT4 and FT3 at the same time is useful to see how well you are converting. Apart from that, the FT3 is the most important number. :)


Really helpful grey goose. Thankyou so muc



Just to ask then, I felt ill on the Levi 25 with swimmy head

What is the best way forwards from this ?


Normally people feel best with a TSH of around 1 or under. All thyroid tests should be ordered at the same time (with FT3 and FT4) also wise to get vitamins B12, D, folate and ferritin tested these are often low in hypo patients.

Make sure to do your test early in the morning, fasting (water is ok), don't take your medication until after the test. This will give the best representation of your levels as TSH is highest in the morning and taking medication will skew this result.



Is there a kinder alternative for me as can't take levy due to the way it made me feel? I couldn't take levy again I'm afraid

My ferritin is 43. Ug/l. (10 - 150 )

Folate is. 14.6. Ug/l. 3.0 - 20.0

B12. 351. ng/L. (145 - 910 )

What is ug/l. Ng/l. ?


You mentioned different ranges in other countries. Well ranges differ here as well as they differ from lab to lab which is why we often ask for the ranges too be added as otherwise it's guess work.


Hi thanks for reply silverfox

Yes I wondered about that, why I wonder are the ranges different. But never mind too much about that

I'm unsure what to do

I can't take the le o as I got swimmy head

The 3 doctors I've seen recently at the surgery in my new area aren't prescribing anything as say I'm ok being a tsh 5 , and don't need tablets, the levowas prescribed before I moved to this area

I am at wits end and now breathless with palpitations,

they said it is anxiety based



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