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Help with a letter to my GP re self medicating with T3

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I have been on levothyroxine for 10 years and been poorly for the last 5. I've been Round and round in circles with various doctors and consultants and ineffective treatments (never an endocrinologist funnily enough) and eventually lost my faith in the NHS helping me. I now self treat with T3 in addition to my T4 and pay for my own monitoring bloody tests. I want to tell my GP (he prescribes by levo and it's not fair to present the full picture I think) but want to do it by letter as I get all tongue tied and find it hard to articulate myself and can't squeeze it all in in ten minutes- has anyone ever written such a letter and could help with some content given that GP's are being told there is not enough scientific evidence to support the use of T3 and some have the belief that it causes heart problems and osteoporosis? Do you think I have to back any statements up with research? Thanks as always in advance all.

9 Replies
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Just tell him it's your body, your decision, and you take full responsibility for any possible consequences. Not there are likely to be any, if you dose sensibly. Maybe that's a bit brutal, but I'm not a subtle sort of person. lol

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Hattie007 in reply to greygoose

Ha ha! You're absolutely right! Thanks.

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greygoose in reply to Hattie007

You're welcome. :)

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I think I would be a little more polite and explain that, during your treatment with the GP you didn't feel 100% in charge of things and that after lots of studying of your condition you discovered that there was light at the end of the tunnel and also incorporate holistic methods to your treatment. etc etc. Help with the cost of T4 is a bonus, medicating with T3 must be an expensive route, where do you get your supplies and is it expensive?

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humanbean in reply to Sugarplumb61

When it comes to the NHS patients are never in charge, despite all their (the doctors') waffle to the contrary. In my experience, doctors tell you what they will do or won't do, and the patient has to like it or lump it.

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Hattie007 in reply to humanbean

There must be some good ones out there somewhere?? There just has to be, they're human after all- or they were once! ....

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Hattie007 in reply to Sugarplumb61

Thanks for your thoughts- it isn't too expensive. I'd rather it was free but it isnt and this way I'm in control not a I'll-informed consultant and I was in such a bad place, I'd rather pay for t3 and do without new clothes ever again if necessary. 😀

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Do you have to tell your GP? If you continue getting T3 yourself and monitoring yourself, any GP most likely would be none the wiser. They don't have the time to sit and wonder "what has this woman taken to make her blood test different?" !! Just my view.

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Hattie007 in reply to marigold22

Yes I know what you mean- I have ummed and arghed- I think it seems fairer to be honest given that they are prescribing the levothyroxine- I'm not sure it would be fair to allow them to prescribe it without the full picture but I'm still not sure where I sit! I have written a letter but not sent it yet!

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