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Iron Labs Results Help Please!

I have just had a set of Blue Horizon results back. I am particularly interested in the iron/ferritin info which I really don't understand. I know my ferritin is low at 34 and is even lower than two months ago when it was 40.

B12 829 ( 197-771) Serum Folate 14.5 ( 3 - 20 ) Iron 23 ( 8-27) Iron Binding Capacity 64 ( 45-72) Transferrin Saturation 36 ( 20-50) Ferritin 34 ( 30-400)

Can anyone help please?

During the two months between the tests I took 200mg elemental iron per day for the first month. Then stopped for the second month.

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Hi AndiRiley Oooh, nice B12 and nice folate :)

As for your ferritin, yes you need to get back on those iron supplements.

When you say you took 200mg elemental iron, was that Ferrous Fumarate or Ferrous Sulphate 1 x 3 times a day? If so that is what you need and continue with it for some months. Ferritin takes a long time to rise.

We're you also taking 1000mg Vit C with each tablet to aid absorption and help prevent constipation?

If you found your iron supplement too harsh on your tummy or caused constipation then you could try Iron Bisglycinate which is more gentle bit the elemental iron is !much lower at 25mg per tablet so you'd need to take more of those, again with Vit C. Solgar Gentle Iron is one such brand containing Iron Bisglycinate.

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Thanks SeasideSusie I was swallowing 8 of the solgar ferrous bisglycinate tabs at once with 1000mg liposomal vitamn c. I didn't multi dose because of the need to keep iron four hours away from thyroid meds. Life is complicated enough and there aren't enough four hour gaps in a day:-)


Ah, OK. Well, restart your Solgar GI. I understand about the timing :) . I don't seem to be able to take iron supplements so I look to other sources. You could add liver to your diet- yes, I know not everyone likes it and I was demi-veggie for donkeys years so only chicken and fish but I can now eat lamb's liver done in my own special tasty way once a fortnight. I also take organic blackstrap molasses daily for an extra bit of iron. Look for other iron rich foods as well for that extra boost.

Liposomal Vit C is very expensive, I had to give it up and have gone back to Nutribiotics L-ascorbic acid which works out at 4p per 1000mg at the price I paid, now I have £60 a month extra to go towards something else I need. It's an expensive game this :(


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