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Advice please, iron blood test results.

Hi, everyone could you advise me please as I've had my Blue Horizon Iron status profile results back today and I'm really confused by the results as my iron is over range and my ferritin is really low, I have not taken any supplements or even any multivitamins since I was diagnosed hypo 8 months ago, I am also a life long vegetarian and don't really eat any fortified foods so I'm really confused as too how it's so high and low, any ideas?

Results and ranges -

IRON - 34.4 ( 6.6 - 26.0 )

T.I.B.C - 70 ( 41 - 77 )


FERRITIN - 21 ( 13 - 150 )

Thank you,


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What time of day was the blood drawn? And did you fast for 12 hours (except for water) before the blood draw?

According to this page :


"Special Concerns about Iron Tests

Taking iron supplements can affect the results of these tests.

A nuclear medicine scan performed within the last 4 days may affect the results, because blood samples may be analyzed with a laboratory technique that also utilizes a radioactive isotope (radioimmunoassay).

Blood samples should be taken early in the morning for the iron level test, since iron levels vary throughout the day.

While no fasting is required before a ferritin test, recent ingestion of a meal containing a high iron content (from red meat, for example) can cause elevated levels.


I realise that these may not apply to you, but I thought it was worth pointing out, just in case...


Thanks for your reply, the blood was taken about 11.30am so the only food I would have had was breakfast, I can't remember what I ate but would only have been some toast or fruit and some water.


Does anyone else have any idea why this could be? It's kind of thrown me a bit and unsure what to do about it.



Turtle I have no idea but don't supplement as your iron is already high. Ferritin is stored iron and fluctuates all the time as the body takes additional iron required and dumps back excess iron.

These links may help:




I have exactly the same situation and ive been trying to research to find out why. From my reading high serum iron with low ferritin and high transferrin saturation indicate possible heavy metal toxicity.

I'm know trying to find out the implications of this, the best way to deal with this and the best test.

Good luck and please let me know anything you find out please.


This site might help



Thanks! It's incredibly confusing! I think I will show the results to the dr to see what they think, I defo won't be supplementing id be too scared too!

I did type high iron, low ferritin into google and most of the articles seemed to mention autoimmune disorders and hypothyroidism. I'm not sure if I have antibodies yet, I'm waiting for my blue horizon thyroid profile results back which will hopefully be any day now ( though I guess Easter may affect this )

Keep me posted on how you go Spanglysplash.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

Victoria x


Hi I posted about exactly this a week ago. I've had chronically low ferritin for many years and everything else like iron and transferrin saturation was low too. I've been supplementing on high does iron (300mcg) from haemotologist recently. I stopped taking it and all other supplements weeks before my blood test and my ferritin is still crashingky low (19) but my iron and transferring sat have rocketed above range. I'm a bit concerned too as this is a strange blood test result. I've been told tobkerp up with iron supplements to boost my ferritin but am also concerned with iron toxicity. I clearly can't store iron so whats the point of endless supplementing?


I'll be following this post. I'm exactly at the same situation. Vegetarian for most of my life. Pescatarian now but I'm still supplementing with iron because I was anaemic before. But now iron high and ferritin very low. It's a catch 22 situation because we need ferritin high to have our thyroid working well. Not sure what to do. I also have awfully heavy and long periods which doesn't help at all.


There's a few of us in this situation then! I hope we can get to the bottom of what it means. Has anyone asked there doctor about it?

So confusing!

Hope you all have a nice Easter weekend : )


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