Some blood test advice would really be appreciated

I've just got some results back and my TSH has gone from 1.9 in July to 3.5, following a dose increase from 25 to 50. I badgered my doc to test T3/T4 as well and these results haven't come back yet so he won't speak to me over the phone as he wants to wait - the problem is I'm going on holiday tomorrow night and I don't know what to make of this result. My doc increased my dose in July even though I was at 1.9 because I felt there was room for improvement and he agreed to try and aim for under 1. I haven't been feeling too great recently but I really wasn't expecting my TSH to have increased on a higher dose. I don't know what to look for with T3/T4 as I haven't had these tested before so I have no baseline.

If anyone could give me their thoughts it would be much appreciated, many thanks x

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  • Yes, 50 mcg. is still a low dose and you did not want you TSH to INCREASE. If you took your meds before your testing, it may present a false reading It's advised to get your testing done as early as possible and take meds afterwards. Check the TSH, FT4 and FT3 on this list from STTM.

  • Thank you Heloise, those links are useful. I didn't take my meds before and the test was at 10.30, should that be ok? Thank you, Emma

  • Yes, good, unless you take your meds at bedtime. Do you have enough tablets to add 25 mcg every other day making it a slight 12 1/2 increase or would that complicate things for you? Personally I try not to allow the doctor to make me more ill. Your body is trying to acclimate to this outside force and easing up to your optimal dose is a delicate balancing act.

  • I only have 50s, and I've only got enough of those until my post-hol appointment with my doc. Hopefully he'll increase the dose then though. I never realised when all this started that it would be a moving feast!

  • It's always more complicated than we think and your thyroid has so many implications it really deserves much more attention than the medical establishment seems to want to give it. Let us know how you are doing later. In the meantime stay away from soy and raw cabbage, etc. and STRESS.

  • Thank you very much, I will.

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