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Hashimoto - antibodies

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto in January 2016... My bloods were as follows;

TSH 106.71 (0.35-5.5)

T4 2.4 (4.5-11.5)

T3 0.4 (0.6-1.9)

After many endo visits and adjustments if meds, now on 100 levothyroxine and got antibodies down, all above are now within range.

However I went for a routine blood test and find my antibodies are sky high, higher than ever??. With a positive ANA???

ANti-thyroglobulin antibodies 620.0. (0-60)

Couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with lupus cutaneous and still under investigation for systemic lupus and have severe fluctuations of blood pressure.

My question is...... Why do the antibodies fluctuate so much, what are the symptoms when so high and how can we control this?

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MagsaTrini It's the nature of the beast, antibodies fluctuate and all you can do is try to reduce the antibody attacks. Gluten is a trigger for the antibodies and many Hashi's patients find going completely gluten free helps a lot, some people also need to be dairy free.

Here is some info about Hashi's

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This article is pretty useful in explaining antibodies and discusses the fact that antibody levels are not necessarily the best way to measure progress

That being said, my antibodies have been cut in half since the start of my journey and I'm feeling better than before so...


Thanks Em_Lou..... I found that explained it really well..... I managed to get both antibodies right down but now they have shot right up again??? Gonna start my strict gluten, diary, soy free diet again and see if that helps

Thanks again

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