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New Results – High Reverse T3 Again

Hi All,

I'm back with new blood test results after 8 weeks back on Synthroid 125mcgs. I was fed up with trying new things, so I went back to what worked for me originally to get a clean slate. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me any longer. I'm more exhausted than ever, have put on another 10 pounds, and my RT3 is high again. It's pretty clear I need T3, but all the T3 options I've tried so far, including trials of Cytomel + T4, Cytomel alone, and NDT have caused weight GAIN, not loss. I'm very confused at what to do. Here are my results:

TSH 2.930 0.450-4.500

FT3 2.8 2.0-4.4

FT4 1.54 0.82-1.77

Reverse T3 HIGH 24.2 9.2-24.1

I'm at a loss of what to try now. If I up the Synthroid, I only feel worse. Maybe I cut the 125mcgs in half, and add Cytomel, or add NDT? Maybe I've just been getting the ratio wrong?

Any insight is appreciated.



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Have you read Paul Robinson's book? He lays out a very precise programme for using t3 only.

Do you think you were on the various combos for long enough to stabilise?

I haven't much insight really, but I can empathise. It took me ages to get it right (and I'm still not quite there). And once you introduce more than one kind of medicine it just gets that much more complicated. It just takes time and more patience than I could ever have imagined having.

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I actually did read Paul Robinson's book. T3 only wasn't the answer for me unfortunately. I tried the protocol for 13 weeks, and while I didn't get worse, I never felt better. It also caused some other issues with memory and muscle spasms. I think I need some T4, I just don't know how much.

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Hmm, that seems (seems to me anyway) like it should be long enough for anything to bear fruit, and I assume you've treated the other options with equal care. My only other thought is that you could draw up a plan to reintroduce very small amounts of levo gradually and chart it along with your test results and you may discover where it begins to go wrong.

I wonder if Paul would have any insight into why the t3 didn't work for you when it seems from your tests like t4 doesn't suit.

The ratio in ndt is out of kilter for some individuals, which is why it's great that you can try levo/t3 combo to personalise the ratio.

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I was hoping that T3 would be the answer for me. But for whatever reason, it doesn't seem to agree with my body. Maybe I just haven't found the right combination yet?

I wanted to try a reduced Synthroid dose (maybe 62.5mcgs), along with some NatureThroid – a grain to start with – and see if that suits me. Or I could go with reduced Synthroid and 50mcgs Cytomel. But to be honest, I'm terrified of switching things up again and gaining more weight. Can't really afford it.

So I'm a bit stuck :(

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Yes, I see what you're saying. Sorry this has been such a bumpy road for you. I understand what you mean about switching. Sometimes I am okay with my modest improvements when I think about the alternative of starting again.


Maybe you have chopped and chsnged too much andc not givdn snything a proper chsnce

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