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Thyroid Lobectomy anyone????

Hello my friends,

Today I had my thyroid uptake scan review with a ENT surgeon. He preformed an high sensitivity ultra sound and determined that my hyper-functioning nodule and cold nodule need to be removed. Both are on the right lobe, so he stated that he can leave 60% of the thyroid intact, which he believes will greatly reduce my chances of going hypo afterwards. He was very informative and believes in natural thyroid hormone supplementation, if needed.

If any of you have had a partial thyroidectomy, please provide me with some feedback on how your surgery went, as well as, how you're doing now.

Wish me luck,


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Hi DanteNXS

Back in 2013 I had a swelling on the right side of the throat for around 4/5 months which was not visible to the eye only on stroking my neck did I realize a change so went to my GP who referred me to the hospital.

My 1st FNA was done at the Walsall Manor Hospital in July 2013 nodules were found on right side of Thyroid. This was done by using Ultra Sound scan to ensure they got accurate location of nodule. This was not painful but was a little uncomfortable and it only took around 2 minutes to complete, I was asked to sit still for a few moments after before leaving. I felt a little sore and achy for a day or so but it soon went.

My results came back as Thy2 which is basically an ‘All Clear’ – it is standard practice at the Manor to do the FNA again after 3 months which was done but the results came back Thy3f which means something had changed but they could not discount the possibility of something more serious being present. My consultant had a lengthy discussion with me and we both agreed the best way forward was to remove the right side of my thyroid which was done in December 2013. My results came back showing a Micro Papillary Carcinoma (very tiny amount of cancer) which was completely removed. It was decided at the Multi Disciplinary Team meeting that they were satisfied no further treatment or medication was needed however I will need to have blood tests and scans on the remainder of my Thyroid for the rest of my life. I would like to say that my Consultant also informed that in my case if I had not had a swelling on my neck which instigated the referral I could have lived the rest of my life normally and if it wasn’t removed it may have never had a any impact on my life, but knowing I had the Thy3f result I felt more at ease with it removed rather than playing the waiting game.

My Thyroid is still functioning well and I do not need any medication, fingers crossed this will continue. When I'm stressed (work related I must add) then my neck and throat seem to tighten up other than this I have no signs of fatigue or weight gain so all must be working well. I went back to work 2 weeks after surgery but with hindsight I would advise others to take at least 3 weeks recovery time.

I Hope this has been useful and all goes well with you.

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I greatly appreciate the information. I have been doing a lot of research into this, and have been positively surprised to find that the majority of people who get a partial thyroidectomy are happy with results. I have been dealing with some major symptoms for over a year, and am glad that they have finally found the issue, even though I have been asking about a HOT nodule for months.

After speaking with my new ENT, I am much at ease with the surgical option and he is very confident in only needing to remove the right lobe (40%) leaving the left and middle area intact and that I should not need any meds, or go hypo. I know it is not guaranteed, but he has done 100s of these and seems to know his stuff.

I am glad to hear that you are doing well. If you can think of anything else I should know, I am all ears.



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I had this done on the left side last August surgery went well only off work seven days wasn't too painful bit uncomfortable with some pain relief . Unfortunately had to go on to have the right side removed ten weeks ago more painful second time around but I did ask for only paracetamol as I had a bad reaction to the painkillers first time round, the staff thought I was crazy! Look after your scar follow advice and keep positive! Take care, let us know how it goes.

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