Waiting for diagnosis hypothyroidism

Hi all,

I recently had a blood test which showed (according to my GP) hypothyroid. It runs in the family as my mother and maternal grandmother both have underactive thyroid too.

My results were TSH 4.42 (0.27 - 4.2) and Free T4 11.8 (12-22).

I've been told that i need to wait for another 3 weeks (she said 6 originally but then said, as my results were obviously hypo, to only wait 3) for a diagnostic bloods with antibodies?

I feel so awful, I really don't know if I can wait. I've been putting my symptoms down to stress as recently separated from my husband, but I just want to feel better.

Any body have any advice?

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  • angel_annie07 Unfortunately you need to wait, you're quite lucky that you've only got to wait three weeks. I know it's not what you want to hear but there are guidelines your GP has to follow. Raised TSH can be caused by something else which is why a second test is done to see if they're still raised.

    When you get your new results, make a new thread and post the results with ranges, also include the antibody result as well.

    It would be very helpful if your GP would also test Vit D, B12, ferritin and folate as these all need to be at optimal levels (not just in range) when hypo as they help thyroid hormone to work properly. So ask for those as well (or get them done privately through Blue Horizon) and post those too.

  • Thank you so much, I'm grateful for your response and has made me feel a bit better to know that it's all going the right way xx

  • Awww, horrible isn't it? We all know how you feel :( . It won't be long until you've had your next tests done, see if you can get those Vit and Min tests too then let us know the results members can offer suggestions and support.

  • Hello! My TSH was 6.0 and my doctor wants to wait two months and test again. Meanwhile i am tired, gaining weight slowly and just not the same. Also COPD. I really hope I can get things taken care of. I have never weighed this much. Need to lose about 25 pounds now.

  • Well after all this I had a phone call from the Gp to say they wanted to start me on thyroxine straight away and not to have the next tests until 6 weeks time.

    So I started 50mhg yesterday.. Here is hoping its helps a bit

  • Just to re-iterate, when you go for the followup test get the earliest appointment in the morning that you can. And don't take your levo that morning until after your test.

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