Hashimotos and blood test results.....I need help ASAP

Please can anyone help me read these results? they were taken on Monday, and yesterday I nearly got thrown out of the DR here in France as and I quote 'didn't have an appointment'. He told me come back later, to which I replied 'if I could stay awake that long I would!' so I'm going tomorrow when it's open all hours. I'll be there at 06.30 to make sure I'm first. I would like some ammo to go with me (if you know what I mean).

At the moment I'm only taking 100mg of levothyroxine.

VGM *100,9 (77.1 - 94.5)

TCMH * 35,1 (25.4 - 32.4)

Esophinales (sorry about spelling) *0.072 (0.083 - 0.566)

Potassium * 5,36 (3.5 - 5.1)

Calcium * 103 (86 - 100)

Folates (Vitamin B9) * 8,77 (8.83 - 60.8)

Here is the interesting part, the before section is when I was on 75mg of levo.

TSH 0,86 (0.27 - 4.20) before 1.17

FT3 3,5 (3.1 - 6.8) before 4,2

FT4 16,7 (12 - 22) before 13,9

As advised on here, these results are without taking Levo before the blood draw, and also I might add by the Lab where the test is taken. Many other tests were taken at the same time, and all were within ranges, but the blood results mentioned above are what concern me the most.

Yes, I have done the ultimate sin, and been trying to look on the internet, so now I'm worried to death. I mean how can anyone possible sleep for 15 hours a day, this is just bizzare. I don't take any supplements at the moment regarding vitamins, but i do know that I should. Sorry for the long post, but I do need help with this FOURTH DR I'm going toe to toe with tomorrow - who I might add thinks he is God!

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Well, that's interesting, because one can see there, that as the TSH has reduced, so has the conversion. And, the fact is that now, your FT3 is far too low for you to feel well. That's why you sleep so much.

Having said that, you don't have an awful lot to convert, do you. But, if you increase your levo, the TSH is going to decrease, and the question is : will your conversion get even worse? But, what you could do is ask for a little T3 added to your levo. It's easier to get in France, because it isn't so expensive. But it does, of course, depend on your doctors attitude. And, as you seem to have upset this one already... However, it's so much easier to change doctors in France than it is in the UK! So, all is not lost. :)

Have you had your vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested? Might be a good idea to do so, if not.

Grr. did my reply not post?

Apparently not.

OK, obviously not. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I could see for myself that the conversion was not taking place, but would anyone listen to me? NON. sleeping for all that time, just madness. Do you have any idea what the other blood test results mean please? I'm scared, very much so.

Well, your folate is a bit low - but you really should get your vit B12 tested before doing anything about that.

Calcium is a bit high, but I don't think it's anything to worry about. Potassium a bit high, but where's the sodium result? The two go together.

For VGM see here : sante-medecine.journaldesfe...

The TCMH is only slightly raised, and not important.

Sorry, I don't know what Esophinales are. I'll have a look through some of my old lab results and see if I can find it. But, I really don't feel you have any reason to be scared. There's nothing drastically wrong, you're just a bit hypo.

Just found the sodium test results and they are 142 (136 - 145) why they are so high I have no idea :/ The other test is French for polynucleaires eosinophiles. Which from my understanding is the white blood cell count 0,072 (0.083 - 0.566) and from I found on the internet is all about cortisol levels???

It's not that high. My sodium is often at the top end of the range. And it's in keeping with the potassium, as they should be balanced. I really don't think you need to worry too much. As for T3, if your doctor won't prescribe it, you could always buy it on-line. Lots of people do.

You know GG, how you worry so much, and the stress just gets to you? that's how I feel right now. I'm not afraid of anything in my life anymore, and if that what it takes to self medicate then I jolly well will, also for all the blood tests and whatever (and as you know in France they don't come cheap), but I have to do something and frankly my Husband doesn't care, he just wants his Wife back, and my Son his Mother back. It's bad enough coping with MS, but this is just throwing me a curve, and I sit here with my head in my hands crying now. LIFE IS NOT FAIR. I didn't sign up any of this.....ah beh (as the locals say) s'arrive.

Yes, I know. But, honestly, I don't think you need to worry too much.

I didn't know blood tests were expensive in France. I've been working here for years - now retired - and I get my tests on the social security. Would it not be cheaper for you to get them done by BlueHorizon? I don't know how that would work, I've never tried, but I'm sure you could come to some sort of arrangement with them, they seem to be very nice people. I'm sure a finger-prick test would cover everything you need. Give them a ring.

No, life is not fair. Never has been and never will be. We did nothing to deserve this disease, but there you go. That's life. Cheer up, all is not lost. :)

Thank you GG, I will (as per your instructions) cheer up, and when I was dx with MS put my best foot forward and carry on. I have my ammo to take to this DR tomorrow, and God help him if he doesn't come up with the goods :-)

if you go privately to the labs and ask them for a full blood count (off the carte vitale) then it does cost lot. I'm going to go now and have a walk in the pool, and then perhaps get my Husband to cook dinner...eye roll...lol...and thank you for setting my head straight.

Well, I hope it's made you feel better. Enjoy your walk in the pool. You've got the weather for it! :D

I have my blood tests done both in France and in the UK. TSH, FT4 and FT3 is 30€ in France, 120£ in the UK.

What do you mean by private blood tests in France? Why don't you get a prescription from a doctor - you can choose any - and get it for free?


This link will explain what out of range evaluations of full blood count may mean labtestsonline.org/understa...

Thank you for the link Clutter, sorry I forgot to say it yesterday.

It does not take a genius to work out that ypu are unable to utilise and convert the t4 in levothyroxine into the t3 that every cell in your body needs to function

Your folate is v low and that could be part of the reason but


Vit b12

Vit d3

Need testing too as all 4 must be halfway in their ranges for the conversion to occur since its easy to buy t3 over the counter in france you nedd to correct any deficiency of above 4

Always take a very good multivitamin every night plus compound vitamin B too and at least 2000mg vit c spread out through the day

Because hypothyroid trashes all manner of vitamins and minerals

Your free t3 and free t4 should be in balance and in upper quadrant of their ranges

Tsh is irrelevant

No, RFU, you cannot buy T3 over the counter in France! It is prescription only. It's only in Greece, Crete and Turkey that it is freely available.

I wonder why several people have said you could then

The OP certainly needs T3 in the interim of getting vitamins /minerals correct

You really can't. You do need a prescription from the DR, and now I have another battle on my hands tomorrow to try and get it. Just sat here with my head in my hands, worrying myself sick.

Because several people were wrong! For goodness sake! I live here, I know what's prescription and what isn't. And I spend a lot of time denying the myth that T3 is OTC in France.

wall brick head bang - rearrange in preferred order :)

White cell counts e.g. esinophiles taken in isolation on one test should NOT be worried about. You need 2-3 tests months apart e.g. eight or more weeks between each test to see if the issue is a one off or you have an issue.

What would the issue may be bluebug?

If the reading is a one off then its likely to be a erroneous result.

Also labs use different ranges for their individual white cell counts. For example in my case if I have a full blood count I can be told that my monocytes are out of range by one lab, but on another lab range the same result is fine.

The reason I asked for the book to be thrown at me is because of the Brexit. So this is the only time I have been tested for this. I will ask again tomorrow for another test (God help me). Where i live in France all labs are now covered by a major one, so going to a different lab would not make a difference.

I am so confused on what the issue may well be. I know that clutter posted a link, but I can't make head nor tail of it at the moment. All I can see at the moment that it could be to do with the cortisol levels?

The link Clutter gave you stated a one of low result is NOT significant.

Also getting another test immediately is pointless as blood cells don't turn over that fast. You have to wait 2 months.

Even Blue Horizon, a private provider who many use here, tell you to wait if you have a one of low white cell result before being retested.

Thank you.

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