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b12 1000mcg


firstly, sorry for no capitals. i've broken my arm so am typing one handed.

i took solgar and jarrow 5000mcg b12 for 4 months - fantastic result, felt so much better. my blood test came back as b12 being 1400 so i changed to the 1000mcg as a 'follow on'. however, i've noticed two things. the tablets 'melt' under my tongue in about 30 seconds whereas the 5000mcg ones could take 15 minutes. i wonder if this is usual and if it will affect absorption??

also i have a return of some of my symptoms like the 3pm 'dip' and some tingling in my hands and feet.

any suggestions?

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Your blood test result ONLY reflects the B12 circulating in the blood and NOT the amount in the cells where it is needed. Of course it will be high as you have been supplementing. I would continue with the 5000 mcg lozenge as you obviously need it if your symptoms have returned. Are you also taking a GOOD B Complex to keep all the B's in balance ?

What was your level before supplementing ?

matty220 in reply to Marz

i'm taking the thorne b complex as suggested on here.

my b12 was 284 at the start.

what do you think about the speed the tablet dissolves? is that odd?

Marz in reply to matty220

I hadn't noticed - I take both. Maybe the different flavourings have different dissolving times :-)

Gosh that was a VERY low result.

matty220 in reply to Marz

why do you take both?

Marz in reply to matty220

I have weekly injections of Hydroxocobalamin and the Methylcobalamin works differently in the body. I take the 5000 when I am not able to have an injection and 1000 when I do. I have nerve damage.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to matty220

matty220 - what do you think about the speed the tablet dissolves? is that odd?

I take the Solgar sublingual B12 at the 1000mcg strength. It does, and always has, dissolved very quickly, no more than about 45 seconds.

yes, and of course the doc said it was 'normal'

No known problems with high B12 in blood - not toxic - so would go with what makes you feel best and not worry about a high result.

As Marz indicates - the low result at the start probably indicates that you have an absorption problem - sublinguals try to work by avoiding absorption in the gut and being absorbed through membranes in the mouth - the faster rate may mean that there is less absorption through the membranes in the mouth and more through the gut so might be why it seems so much less effective.

1% of B12 is absorbed outside the ileum which is where most absorption problems occur - so the doses you are taking should in theory mean that even if B12 is still being absorbed in the gut then enough is getting through.

i did wonder if the fast dissolving would affect the absorption.

i think i'll just order some more of the 5000mcg and take a number of these 1000 ones until they arrive. thanks for your help

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