Active b12 test??

I've ordered my active b12 test again as there was a muck up at the private lab, I have been taking my b12 methylcobalamin­ 5000mcg since last thursday I was just wondering do I need 2 stop them and if so how many days before I take the b12 test, I would be very grateful for someone 2 tell me please, I have took one today and test should be here tomorrow x

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  • Also I have only been taking them since last thursday they are b12 methylcobalmin 5000 mcg will It be ok to take the test or will I have to leave it for a fre days without vitimins? X

  • Nichola,

    I wish I knew the answer with certainty. On the one hand, I have seen suggestion that anyone taking B12 should inform the lab. On the other hand, that it doesn't matter with the Active B12 test.

    The best advice I have is to contact the lab and get them to tell you. Preferably in writing (e.g. email), so we can be absolutely sure.


  • I only started the b12 last thursday but I don't want to ruin the test either, I've took one this morning also and then the lab rang :( x

  • Nichola, as Rod suggests, call the lab and ask them. They are the best people to tell you the answer to this question.

  • I rang bluehorizon the man said leave of the b12 untill I've done the test but the test may come tomorrow, this will be my second test as by time my blood work got to the lab it had clotted :/ x

  • In which case, I would do the following if it was me:

    1) Don't take any B12 tomorrow, or until the test arrives.

    2) Put a little letter in the envelope with your blood, stating exactly how many tablets (with the tablet dose), and the actual dates that you took them.

    The more info you give them, the less chance of any confusion I would think :)

  • Thank you I think that's a wise move to make, I really appreciate that, I suppose its normal that my last blood work got sent last thursday and they never received it untill tuesday for it to clot? X

  • That's the problem with weekends :( Best time to post is early in the week when it's less likely to get held up.

    I expect you're anxious to get the test done, but might be worth waiting to do it until Sunday afternoon and post first thing on monday morning.

  • yes maybe, although I was going to send it on special delivery this time lol x

  • Yes that makes sense :)

  • I've been so emotional with this anxiety I don't know what to do, I almost need answers like yesterday its driving me mad, I have high cortisol and my tsh last time was 2.84 I so need to see dr p x

  • Hi nichola, you sound really in a pickle.I also have high cortisol all day and my vey first blood test was 2.37 now 3.68. However the range 2.37 was to high also ( tsH) regardless of my TSH swinging about I still have the same issues..

    Its good you are supplementing, I wouldnt worry to much about about your b12 test, at least you will know whether you need more or less b12 after you have recieved your results.


  • thank you yes I am in a pickle feel so bad :( my tsh last was 2.84 in range wow it feels horrid though, thankfully im seeing dr p 24th of this month :) x

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