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High c reactive protein

Got my blood results back last week but it indicates high c reactive protein and low b12. My ferritin was also over. I also have problems, pain with my back and hip. I was born with dislocated hips, they used to just bind them up back then until they were no longer causing a problem. I had SPD in all three of my pregnancies (its when the gaps in your joints become too wide due to pregnancy hormoanes) and the third was the worst was on crutches. My left hip still clicks today and my leg right down to the ankle and at times it puts all my pelvis and back out of place. Could this be the reason for the high c reactive protein? I have been to my GP many times and just seem to get fobbed off about it. They have said to 're test in 3 months to see if the c reactive protein is still high. The range was up to 50 and mine was at 56. It indicates this can be high with some sort of infection or inflamation in the body and this is the most obvious thing as it causes me the most pain on a daily basis. From what I have read high c reactive protein can be caused by a vast array of different things.

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What exactly were your b12 results?

B12 is needed to maintain a healthy immune system so one of the symptoms of a b12 deficiency is getting a lot of infections - one of which could be the cause of the inflamation. It also affects nerves so can lead to a lot of joint pain - one of the ways I know I need to top up my B12 is that I start getting pains in my joints - particularly my ankles.


Hi sorry I have only just seen this and didnt get a notification sorry. My b12 was at 291 the insuficient range goes up to 250. So sorry this isn't deficient I read the results wrong. So its at the bottom level of normal, which is 250-750 .Would like to get it higher though. I do take b12 everyday. My ferritin was over 164.4 and the range is 20-150. It also States that this can become raised if there is something else going on in the body. Along with the raised c reactive protein it can be a red flag.


People's responses to B12 are such that going by ranges is misleading at best and dangerous at worst - significant numbers of people can be deficient with a blood level of 291.

Presume you are supplementing B12 - looks as if you probably have an underlying absorption problem so would need to be taking something between 1000-10000mg - options are sublinguals (tabs or sprays), nasal sprays, skin patches (leaving aside injection which falls into the category of prescription only medication in a lot of countries by virtue of the fact that it is an injection). Know methyl tends to get pushed - cyano tends not to come in the doses you need - but you can try hydroxo and adenosyl as well as methyl. The body needs methyl and adenosyl forms - people tend to respond differently to the different forms and methyl doesn't suit everyone.

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Thank you. Will look into getting a higher dose.


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