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C-reactive protein, elevated

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in February last year and it has been a long journey since then.. I am much better now but still struggle a bit. Anyway, I found out 3 weeks ago that Im pregnant, at last. I saw my gp once I found out and she asked me to go for loads of blood tests, b12, vitamin d, ferritin, folate, tsh etc etc.. The results came back today and it turns out my CPR is pretty high, 24. I only spoke to the receptionist who told me the doctor wants me to go for another test for the cpr in 3 weeks time.

Now, I did the stupid thing of googling high cpr levels.. So instead of doing that, I thought I would ask if anyone else has had this and if it is related to the thyroid? All other levels apart from vitamin d were fine.

Thanks in advance

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Destiny, congratulations on your pregnancy. Is your TSH in the low-normal range 0.4-2.0 recommended by NICE?

High CRP means you have inflammation in the body which can be caused by an infection or illness. Autoimmune conditions can raise CRP so when you have the follow up test ask your GP to test thyroid peroxidase (TPOab) and thyroglobulin (TgAb) antibodies to rule out autoimmune thryoid disease (Hashimoto's).


Hi Clutter

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

My TSH was 0.51 so that's under control :)

I will ask my gp to add the tests you mentioned. Thank you once again!


Just piping up here: If you have thyroid antibodies, they will in a likelihood go down as the pregnancy progresses. Oftentimes autoimmune diseases are suppressed during pregnancy for the same reason that the fetus is not rejected by the mother as being 'foreign'... different DNA than the mother.... Women with MS get a holiday from their problem during pregnancy, for example.

Agree with Clutter about everything.

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Thanks for your input. Google is great, apart from when it comes to things like this lol!


From the Merck Manual:


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