First results after thyroxine trial

First results after thyroxine trial

Today I received my results, 7 weeks into my trial of 25mg. Last results in may my TSH was 9.28, FT4 15.7 so I am really pleased to see things heading in the right direction.

I had never had my vitamin D tested, I also only started supplementing it at 2000iu the last few months. I am not sure if 75 is a good result but it's within range :-)

My B12 was 212 last August so I am really pleased with the result today.

My ferritin is 49, yey!!! That was 15 a year ago, and 8 3 years before that! so I am really pleased.

I will be speaking to my GP tomorrow as I am running out of the thyroxine, not sure what he will suggest next with regards to the dose. I am still having crash days but improving slowly.

Thank you for all your help :-) I am pretty pleased with these considering how unwell and how bad my numbers were. 7 weeks into thyroxine things are improving.

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That's great news x

Thank you xx

I'm happy things are going in the right direction Jingyd35. I'm hoping your GP will increase your dose.

J 🍀

Thank you.

I'm not sure if he will because gt4 is increasing and he worries about sending that over range causing my hyper type symptoms. Wondering if he will keep me at 25 as it's bringing the tsh down and ft4 up?

25 is a starting dose J. I hope he will increase it as he has keep you unwell for such a long time.


It's nice to read good news like that. I hope things continue to improve :)

Thank you x

Please take Vitamin K2 mk 7 with the Vitamin D3 x

Is that important? x

Very important.. K2 will push vitamin D and Calcium into your bones and NOT into your bloodstream.. I am working to lower it in my blood. Thanks to no info from GP and my own ignorance. I was being prescribed Adcal by my GP, I stopped taking Adcal myself when I seen by test results. My levels had lowered a little by my last test.

If you have this info at the start of supplementing all should be well x

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