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Thyroxine reduction?

My last dose of Thyroxine i was prescribed was 150mg, 3 months later i had another blood test which was last week and i am told today i have to reduce my Thyroxine by 25mg as i am having to much,can this be right? surely my body would be telling me that? i am feeling better than i ever have. I will add the results here later today when i get my print off and new prescription at 4.30pm.

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What time did you have your blood drawn for the test?

And did you take your levo less than 24 hours before the test?


Levo was taken the morning before,i fasted although i dont think i had to and the blood was drawn at 11.30am


When getting blood testing done for thyroid purposes it is important to get a TSH result on the test which is as high as possible, assuming you don't want your medication reduced.

If you look at page 2 of this research paper :

it shows the circadian rhythm of TSH, T4 and T3 production. You had your test at the time when TSH is almost at its lowest point, and it would have dramatically dropped from a high point at about 9am.

Most doctors have a simplistic view of thyroid treatment. It boils down to...

Low TSH = hyperthyroid, so hypothyroid patient is over-treated - must reduce dose ASAP. The rest of the numbers, if they even have them - Free T4 and Free T3 - are considered irrelevant.

Please make sure in future that you get your TSH measured as early in the morning as possible, unless you want your medication reduced.

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Henrythewasp, don't reduce your medication according to your TSH result. You would have symptoms of overstimulation if you had taken too much. Doctors are causing immense problems to patients by adjusting doses according to the TSH yet they ignore the patients clinical symptoms maybe because they know none of them in the first place.

Refuse a reduction. He is more likely to cause you heart problems by the reduction but he thinks it will cause it due to very low TSH. They really need to read up on the TSH. Maybe this will make him understand.

email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article. Question 6 will tell your GP how low our TSH can be.The article is by Dr Toft who was President of the BTA.


Not being able to increase to 150 mcg despite symptoms leads me to agree with Shaws that if you are feeling good refuse to reduce.


Henry, Unfortunately our bodies don't always tell us when we are overmedicated, by which I mean high FT4 and/or high FT3, not low TSH. Post your results in a new question as updates can get overlooked.


Ok i am going to do a new question post with my results,i will include the original post so you all know what i am on about.


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