I had thought I was feeling a little better for the last couple of days. Thought the b12 and iron I have been taking for about the last 4 weeks were starting to work. Then this afternoon I feel terrible again. Body thrumming, forearms aching, really light headed ( that hadn't gone away) fatigued (nor that) and now very tearful and no-one to turn to. Having a rheumatology appointment at the end of August is adding to my anxiety. I keep thinking I have MS or at least ME or fibromyalgia. I preferred it when I thought I needed more T4 or some T3. At least then I felt that there was something I could do. That it was just a question of finding the right combination or dose. Now I may face a lifetime of feeling like this.

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  • I am so sorry you feel so bad and I had to reply because I could relate so much. I have felt so alone throughout my ill health this last 8 months. I have only recently received treatment and was ill for so long. I have no mum or family to turn too other than my husband, it's been really hard. I too often crash, most days and I worry is this me forever. Big hugs to you xxxx

  • Thanks for your reply. I have no Mum ( that's when all this started, after my Mum's death 4 years ago) or Dad and no family that I can turn to for support. No close friends that live nearby. Spent a lot of my time with my Mum, who was wonderful, and looking after her for the last 2 years of her life) Just really worried about everything.

  • When you posted results a month ago Clutter said that a dose increase to 125mcg levo would be helpful. Did you get your dose increased? I think it's likely that your symptoms are due to being undermedicated.

  • No increase. GP said my blood test results did not indicate that I needed an increase, that I didn't fall into the category of results referred to in the "Pulse Article" and that I could have a cardiac arrest if I had too much thyroxine. She said "something else is going on with you" and referred me to a rheumatologist. That is why I am now so worried.

  • It may also help if you dealt with the loss of your Mother. CRUSE bereavement counselling are good. Even though it has been 4yrs they will still see you. A friend of mine goes and she has developed friendship through their social side.

  • Thanks Sylvia. I am seeing a counsellor, not from Cruse, for the first time today so I will see how it goes. You need to like your counsellor! CRUSE is a good idea. If I am feeling ok, on one of those rare days, I am fine. If I am feeling rubbish, more frequent, then I am all over the place. And no-one to talk to so it gets worse. So thanks for trying to help. Very much appreciated.

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