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Dreadful crash

Bit of background. I have and accept crashes after I overdue it or emotional stress gets out of hand but since my last post on the off kilter event, I have had successive little ones. I have gradually cut down my thyroid replacement of natural dessicated as I am finding I cant deal with it: tremors/jerks and sweats soon as the t3 kicks in. My next strategy was to multi-dose, say four times a day. All this in the wait up to my app for blood draw on Wed, then to see a rather nice GP in early Dec. It would be hopeless speaking to another earlier. BUT I had a massive crash yesterday and called out the paramedics - I am ashamed to say. But thought my brain was going to shut down and I could barely move. My vitals weren't showing anything to concern them and I subsequently was checked out via tel with the after-hours GP. They were all thinking around infection because of the complete malaise and I didn't even try to chew over the possibility of adrenals/thyroid. The worst of it passed and I am back to no energy and feeling like my legs have been kicked all over, but I am grateful to be sat up typing this. .....

I am also getting rapidly fluctuating temps...and sweats on exertion or alone oscillating with cold.

No brain fog.

Loose fluffy stools.

And generally feeling both hypo and hyper.

Scooting around the usual culprits I fit into the adrenal crash and recovery more than other things although I am getting iron, folate and D tested, and saliva cortisol test. I already supp with b12, so that test would be unreliable and I read mag test is too.

So, my question is, can thyroid slumps be that bad!? It seems most of us are never perfect, I can understand that, but slipping like this is scary.

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Helbell, If you are not optimally medicated that may be why you are crashing. See what your bloods are before making adjustments, and consider adding Levothyroxine to NDT if you are undermedicated and not tolerating T3 in higher dose NDT.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks Clutter.

I was also toying with trying levo with a smaller ratio of t3. But your right...need to see blood results first. Hanging on in there trying to keep dosage in nearly the same range for truer reading - taking 3/4 grain a.m. and half that p.m. Seems to be more tolerable in a smaller dose. None-the-less, still a very low amount.

I saw an article by Paul Robins about NDT plus t4 not working. I forget but the reason he gave sounded plausible. But I still don't properly get it if the thyroid gives out mainly t4 and some t3 naturally.


Helbell, it works for some people who find the T4:T3 proportions in NDT don't suit because there is too much T3. Worth trying it for yourself if you are undermedicated.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


And the easiest change to try from my current. Thanks again.


I recently read something about adrenals and thyroid meds that made so much sense to me (wish I could find it again) but I will try to explain it... What thyroid meds are you taking?

Think of your thyroid as a thermostat, regulating so many things... digestion, body temp, heart rate etc. Say we have been hypo for a period of time and our body has been functioning in slow motion, so to speak. Then we take thyroid meds which begins to bring our body up to speed... increasing heart rate, body temp, stomach acid, digestion etc. If we have adrenal exhaustion or adrenal fatigue, this can stress the adrenals as they struggle to try to keep up with the new acceleration brought on by thyroid meds and they can crash.

I knew, from the information given, that it could be difficult, if not impossible, to regulate thyroid meds if adrenals, iron and B 12 levels weren't optimal but never really understood why until I read this article. Of course, this may not be the source of your problem but... taking your body temp and doing the eye test for adrenals might be helpful?



Thanks very much phoenix23002.

I take Nature Throid. I see you are doing well on natural dessicated. I was 98% normal by September. Summer is better for me and I wonder if that has something to do with natural D production, happier thyroid uptake and, apparently, mitochondria thrive in the stronger light .....me too.

I am very lazy about taking temps properly, relying on the quick digital read, but I will hook out my glass thermometer, bp monitor and small torch. I suspect my pupils wont pass the test. Will let you know :)

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I have a very good friend who is an RN (registered nurse) who has been struggling, trying to get her ducks in a row and finally has gotten better once she got her iron levels up. The point is.... she sees a difference between summer, winter also and requires a little higher dosage of her NDT during the winter months. So maybe there is something to that and it is not all just in your imagination.

I don't know if it has anything to do with Vit D production or not. It is such a tangled web, ya know? Good for you in keeping a log of your temps and how you are doing each day (with your NDT dosage). It is never a waste of time or effort to track your daily temps/bp/heart rate. After all, before the cursed tsh test was developed, that was the only way docs had to determine optimal NDT dosages. :) Keep me posted on how it goes for you, okay?


I will. Thanks for that tidbit about your friend :)

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Ah..and there is more useful information on that link than when I last looked. I have STTM second book but find it difficult to keep the faith with that anecdotal approach of writing.

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