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Why the sudden crash?

I've been on the up the last month/six weeks or so which I'd put down to the improvement in my ferritin etc:

Ferritin 88 (was 33)

Vitamin D 82

B12 477 still supplementing

Folate near bottom of range but supplementing

I've been feeling better and had hoped it was all down to the above. I take levo 75 and 100 alternative days.

Since last Thursday though I've been feeling constantly tired, drained, no energy, horrendous brain fog (I find it hard to focus on anything), freezing cold, pains in wrists and between shoulder blades and very very dry sore, itchy eyes.

My last thyroid test was in October 2013:

TSH 1.3 (0.5 - 5.5)

FT4 18 (10 - 22)

My doctors told me in January that my thyroid bloods are fine and she wouldn't consider an increase. Hence I've been working on my vits.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm over-medicated. Do you think this might be the case? I know I probably shouldn't have done it but I didn't take my levo this morning as I want to see if I feel any better today without it. I'm not going to stop taking it, I'll start again tomorrow but I'm so fed up that I felt like being a rebel I guess!

I had so many good improvements when I started taking it in August 2012 but now in some ways I feel worse than before I started it.

Sorry for the long post.


PS Has everyone else gone Portugese this morning? All my buttons on the site are in Portugese not English.

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I doubt if you are over medicated with those symptoms. It might be useful to call your GP practice and get the results of your so called "normal" January blood test. I expect everyone on this site will think you need more, not less. I fear that not taking your Levo today will not help. When you have the results, together with the reference ranges, post them here for advice. It may be that your own thyroid is now producing less, hence the need for an increase.


Thank you Hennerton. Sorry, I didn't make it clear my last blood test with in October 2013, I didn't have one in January as she wouldn't repeat them again. She told me the one in October was fine so no need. I was quite happy at that point because she had agreed to do folate, b12, D and ferritin. I agree, I need another test.


I suggest you get another thyroid gland blood test as it is always possible you may need a slight increase. You are having clinical symptoms and sometimes we can get 'ups and downs' due to other influences.

Missing your dose of levo today wont make much difference as it takes a long time for yesterday's dose to gradually diminish.

Have you changed the make of levo you get from chemist? I can understand you wanting to rebel especially as you have been good for a while.


Thanks Shaws - I will ask for another test and keep taking the levo. Just fed up with the whole thing today.


I would be asking for a TPO antibody test! see my other posts

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Hi crimple. My TPO antibodies were tested in August 2012. 1618 (0-100). Not been tested since.


Its normal for them not to retest antibodies.

Mine have been tested twice but only because I moved, and it was a different lab and didnt know they had been previously tested. Mine are also in excess of 1,000K but they didnt give a figure, only that 'significantly raised' is more than 150K.

It makes no difference to treatment, and even the endo never made any comment to them.


May I suggest that to rely on an old thyroid test is incorrect ,, imagine if all other conditions were treated like this. If this doc won't do another then perhaps find a doc who will but if you have the cash then you could perhaps order yourself an intermediate thyroid test via thyroid UK,,I use blue horizon, this way you'll have tsh, ft4 and ft3 done and you'll receive the results direct to your email. Some people have discovered that despite good levels, their ft3 is not adequate . Plus, use code tuk10 for tenner off,,


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